Freskon news

19 maj 2017
  Freskon 2017 more “mature” than ever  
  This year’s Freskon, to be held from 27 to 29 April at Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre, is a pole of attraction for the dynamically growing sector of fresh fruit and vegetables. Freskon, the International Trade Show for Fruit & Vegetables, being held for the 3rd time, is already the centre of the sector, serving as a meeting point for producers, international retailing groups, as well as domestic and international transporters of fresh fruit and vegetables.  
  In this context, the ‘hosted buyers’ programme has been significantly expanded, with guests from South-Eastern and Central Europe, the Balkans, the Scandinavian countries, the United Arab Emirates and China. In total, it is estimated that Freskon exhibitors will meet with hosted buyers from 35 countries. The dynamism of this year’s event proves that in terms of both quality and quantity, participants will exceed those of Freskon 2016.  
  One of the most noteworthy side events of Freskon 2017 will be the International Kiwi Congress, to be held on 27 April. Projections concerning global production and consumption in the coming years, new technologies in kiwi cultivation, new cultivars and consumption trends, plant protection and nutrition topics, ways to combat diseases, as well as marketing and new markets will be just a few of the topics to be discussed at the International Kiwi Congress, which will feature acclaimed speakers.  
  Freskon 2017 will also feature ‘FreshCon Market’, held in cooperation with ‘Froutonea’ magazine and aiming at bringing large supermarket chains into direct contact with professionals of the agricultural sector, creating ideal conditions for direct agreements. The largest supermarket chains of the Balkans (Bulgaria, Ukraine, FYROM, Romania, Serbia and Greece) will be present at ‘FreshCon Market’. The perennial goal of TIF-Helexpo is for Freskon to become the top commercial event for the fresh fruit and vegetable sector in the broader region of South-Eastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean.  



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