Grupa Origine: pierwsze komercyjne zbiory gruszki FRED®

28 październik 2022
The performance of the new pear, cultivated by the shareholders of Origine Group, is more than satisfactory. The first Italian harvest of the FRED® pear, the new variety of blushed pear, cultivated in Italy exclusively by the members of Origine Group, has been successfully completed.

The FRED® pear stands out for its productivity, early entry into production, low sensitivity to fire blight and above all excellent tolerance to brown spotting.

The resistance to brown spotting, attested by the research carried out in 2021 by Dr. Marina Collina of the University of Bologna, has been fully confirmed in the field. Next to the Abate plots heavily affected by the spotting, the FRED® plants were perfectly healthy and required far fewer treatments.The harvested fruits are of good shape and size, with an excellent sugar content, and will be stored for a few weeks before getting into the market.

This year's harvest is limited some dozens of tons, but in the coming years the plots planted in the last three years will come into production, so commercial volumes will increase rapidly.The interest in this crop is confirmed by the participation of over 50 farmers and technicians in the Open Day organized before harvesting. During the meeting the characteristics of FRED, which represents one of the few available varietal novelties for pears, were analyzed. 

A novelty not only from the production point of view but also for consumption, as FRED® combines the qualities that pear lovers appreciate, such as delicate sweetness and aroma, with crunchy and yet juicy texture.


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