Green Week 2023: Federalne Ministerstwo Środowiska z informacjami na temat naturalnej ochrony klimatu

19 grudzień 2022
From the sea to the forests, from moors to nature in cities – from 20 to 29 January 2023 at the International Green Week, the Environment Ministry will be highlighting the importance of intact eco-systems and the things we can all do to protect the climate. Under the heading of the new theme world grünerleben, and with a wide range of exhibits, in hub27 the ministry will be inviting visitors to try things out and take part. For example, with the help of AI, visitors can identify plants, the sounds individual wild animals make and, using a simulator, find out about the impact straightened rivers and those that run their natural course have on the environment. Theme islands will give visitors of all ages an opportunity to explore the eco-systems of wildlife and forests, soils and moors, rivers, lakes, the sea and nature in cities. The federal ministry promises to provide knowledge and tips for everyday use in a playful and entertaining manner In line with the theme world green up your life, the main topic on the stand will be on natural climate protection. Visitors can find out how closely the climate and biodiversity crises are interlinked, and that solutions can only be found for both of them together. Intact eco-systems represent a natural form of climate protection and are important for enabling flora and fauna to thrive. However, the focus will not only be on how the Federal Ministry of the Environment’s natural climate protection programme intends to improve and strengthen protecting and conserving these eco-systems in the long term, but also on how each and every one of us can safeguard natural resources on a daily basis. 

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