Kto zdobędzie nagrodę FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award?

14 styczeń 2023
Ten finalists are in contention to win this year’s FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award, the most coveted international prize for innovation in the fresh produce business.

Chosen by a pan-industry panel of experts, each nominee stands out as an example of the ideas and ingenuity that are abundant in the global fruit and vegetable business. During the first two days of FRUIT LOGISTICA, the leading trade show for the global fresh produce business, trade visitors can view each of the nominated entries in a dedicated exhibition area in Hall 20, and vote for their favourite. Which of the following nominations will be voted as the Innovation of the Year and take home the prestigious FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award on 10 February 2023?

Brocomole ¿Y si? de Bouquet
Anecoop, Spain · Hall 18, B-01A new dip alternative for lovers of guacamole. The addition of broccoli to guacamole reduces its carbon footprint by more than 50 per cent, since growing broccoli requires fewer water resources. Brocomole is made from 97 per cent fresh broccoli and avocado. It is a source of fibre, Vitamin C and potassium.www.ysibouquet.com

Avisomo Growth Station
Avisomo, Norway · Hall 3.1, A-10The Avisomo Growth Station is a fully modular, scalable, flexible and automatable vertical farming system. It enables growers worldwide to produce any crop without changing infrastructure, at any scale and degree of automation.www.avisomo.com

Q Eye Smart
BIOMETiC, Italy · Hall 4.1, B-31Q Eye Smart is the only scanner entirely based on an Artificial Intelligence platform, allowing more precise and automatic fruit quality sorting. Its innovative technology substantially upgrades the entire sorting process and assures top-quality produce.www.biometic.com/food-inspection-systems/optical-sorter-q-eye-smart

LEDFan Greenhouse Toplight – 2022 design
Food Autonomy, Hungary · Hall 3.1, A-50LEDFan offers savings on lighting and heating costs through a highly efficient design that utilises heat loss with controlled fans. The light fixture has a wireless control system with grid-based BMS positioning and light failure detection.foodautonomy.org/en/products/greenhouse-ledfan

Dutch premium quality vanilla
Koppert Cress, Netherlands · Hall 3.2, C-01An exclusive range of premium Dutch vanilla of the Planifolia variety, a species of orchid that forms pods only after three years. This vanilla is comparable to a semi-dry muscat grape: it is not yet a raisin, but actually much more. In principle, it is grown in the same way as the black variety, but due to the fact that it is harvested much later, the taste is different. www.koppertcress.com/en/travel-stories/super-vette-vanille

Märkische Höfe Beelitz, Germany · Hall 20, A-23Green and white asparagus pieces pre-cooked in their own juice ready for cooking. This gives a more intense flavour with a longer shelf-life. Whether as a main course or side dish, ther pan-fried asparagus can be expanded as desired and arranged individually in a short time.www.spargel.farm/en/about-us

OR Apple Juice Fill Up
Oranfresh, Italy · Hall 4.1, A-15An automatic self-service machine that supplies freshly made apple juice in bottles from fresh apples, with an added solution of water and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) to prevent natural oxidation. www.oranfresh.com

Packaging Automation, UK · Hall 2.1, C-01Using Packaging Automation’s new Syncro technologies, the evolutionS optimizes every step required to seal a shell accurately, reliably and efficiently. It is considered the most technically advanced, single-lane tray sealing machine with the highest speed currently known.www.pal.co.uk/tray-sealing-machines/evolutions

Rijk Zwaan, Netherlands · Hall 1.2, D-13Tatayoyo is the brand name for peppers with a distinct and strong flavor. The peppers are an intermediate size between block and snack peppers. Their special flavour comes originally from wild peppers. Ideal as a hearty snack.www.rijkzwaan.com/tatayoyo

IDEAL Melons
Syngenta Seeds, Netherlands · Hall 1.2, C-50Syngenta’s IDEAL Melons concept, with its Harvest Indicator feature, is a patent-pending innovation that signals readiness at each step: when it’s ideal to harvest, ship, stock on shelves, and eat. The latest game-changer in cantaloupes is now available.www.syngentavegetables.com/brands/IDEALMelons

FRUIT LOGISTICA is the ideal platform for companies in the international fresh produce business to present their latest innovations. From newly bred varieties to sustainable packaging, from data-driven production monitors to pest-resistant crops, trade visitors to the show can discover plenty of novel and exciting developments in Berlin from 8 to 10 February 2023. Tickets for FRUIT LOGISTICA can only be purchased online in advance from the official ticket shop.

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