Zaprezentuj swoje produkty na targach IFE 2024

23 czerwiec 2023

Showcase your delicious products at IFE 2024

Taking place on 25-27 March 2024, IFE is the UK’s largest and most successful product sourcing platform for buyers from across the retail, foodservice, hospitality, wholesale, distribution, import and export sectors; all of whom are looking to meet suppliers face-to-face, sample the latest products and place orders with international suppliers.

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What can IFE do for you?

  • Export and business growth opportunities - The UK has a robust and diverse food and drink market and is known for its openness to international products, which presents significant opportunities for international brands. Exhibiting at IFE can serve as a stepping stone for you to expand your presence, increase exports, and tap into a new customer base, leading to significant business growth opportunities.
  • Engage face-to-face with key buyers with a collective spend of more than £29.1bn - IFE attracts 27,000 buyers from the likes of Unitas, Ocado Retail, Tesco, Waitrose, Brakes Sysco, Bidfood, Confex, Accor Hotels, Costa Coffee, Hilton, Booker, Costco, Lidl GB, Selfridges, and many more.
  • Market research and consumer insights - Participating in IFE provides you with the chance to gather market research and consumer insights. You can interact with visitors, receive feedback on your products, observe consumer preferences, and gain a better understanding of the UK market. This information can be invaluable for refining your products, marketing strategies, and expansion plans.
  • Year-round promotion – Amplify your brand 365 days a year through our co-created bespoke marketing campaigns. By exhibiting, you'll have the opportunity to leverage IFE’s audience and media presence to capture industry professionals’ attention, garner additional media exposure, and benefit from invaluable publicity. IFE can help your brand with its marketing and business development activities year-round, not just in the lead up to the event.
  • Establishing credibility and trust in the UK - Participating in a reputable UK food and drink trade show like IFE can enhance the credibility and trustworthiness of your brand. Being part of a well-curated event demonstrates your commitment to the industry and signifies that your products meet UK industry standards and regulations.

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