Ideal conditions for introducing Orius-System in strawberries

14 July 2022
As temperatures rise, thrips pressure in strawberry crops is increasing rapidly. Now is the ideal time to start using Orius-System, as well as predatory mites, says Eline Braet - Berries Crop Specialist at Biobest. 

“Particularly in summer, thrips populationsin everbearers can literally explode,” she warns. “ABS-System and Swirskii-Breeding-System are then no longer sufficient. Althoughgreat pest controllers, they only feed on the pest larvae.To tackle the thrips adults, we recommend growers use Orius-System.”

Persistent pest 
Thrips attack strawberry plant flowers which become deformed,resulting in bronze-coloured fruit. A persistent pest, it is best controlled using a combination of natural enemies introduced regularly, and in good time, to enable populationsto remain at an appropriate level. Introductionrates depend on the pest pressure.

“As soon as the crop reaches 10 cm, we advise distributing predatory mites weekly,” says Eline. “The effectiveness depends on the temperature and day length.

“From May to September conditions are perfect for Oriuspredatory bugs,” she says. “When growers detect adult thrips in flowers, they should start using Orius-System right away."

Sustainable packaging
Orius-System is now available in Biobest’s redesigned 100% biodegradable packaging. This ensures the predatory bugs arrive in optimal condition and the cardboard cups and lid can be left behind in the crop -enablingany remaining adults to escape. At the end of cultivation, the cartons are removed together with the plant remains – saving time. 

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