"CLASSPACK CUBE" packaged efficient and sustainable

10 June 2019

CLASSPACK will present at FRUIT ATTRACTION 2019, as a world first, its complete "CLASSPACK CUBE" packaging equipment that efficiently uses energy and materials.

CLASSPACK has developed in recent years a new range of ECO packaging machines of low consumption, which can work with COMPOSTABLE materials in an efficient and silent way, reducing to zero waste and to a large extent the noise level.

In this edition of FRUIT ATTRACTION he will present his novel "CLASSPACK CUBE" composed by: Elevator, associative Weigher, Distributor and TWO TOP 22 ECO packaging machines.

The "CLASSPACK CUBE" equipment consumes: 66% less electrical energy, 90% less compressed air, compared to other brands' equipment, it is also 80% quieter. These improvements are achieved through: The use of continuous tubular preforms that facilitate, simplifying, the work of the packers, The use of servo-motors to perform long movements in replacement of air cylinders, Rationalizing the use of air for the vacuum generating systems. And providing it with a ROUTER for IP support that allows updates and tracking remotely anywhere in the world. With an open language PROFIBUS allows you to register up to 100 different confections of conventional bags with die or handle, and with simple accessories to make, "trays", "Mixed bags PPOB for VI range", etc.

For this development CLASSPACK has the collaboration of the engineering teams of companies such as FESTO ESPAÑA, MITSUBISHI, SMC, SYNTRON, as well as its own creative engineering of PREFORMADO TUBULAR.

CONTINUOUS TUBULAR PREFORMING, allows you to work with materials with 97% PAPER, keeping the same appearance as 100% PLASTIC containers that make other brands and that will be prohibited as of January 1, 2020 when the new European regulations come into force for containers and utensils of a single USE.

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