The premium brand for fruits and vegetables encourages children to eat fresh fruit

24 June 2019

Now there is another roar in the cinema. One of the world's most popular Disney films comes to the big screen in a groundbreaking new interpretation. "The Lion King" brings the colourful animal world and the endless expanse of the Savannah back to life. Coinciding with the launch of the film, the premium brand SanLucar will realize a lion-strong promotion campaign at the POS in July and August. From now on, lion cub Simba will be enthroned on SanLucar’s pineapples, melons, grapes and stone fruits.

"Little Simba is a beloved figure who will surely sweeten the taste of fruit for big and small lions," says Nuria Pizán, Brand & Creative Director at SanLucar. "Especially children need enough healthy energy for their growth, therefore fruit is an important pillar in their diet.” This is why SanLucar has been committed to healthy nutrition for children for many years – which creates the basis for lifelong health.
For a healthy diet: Disney Kitchen and SanLucar

Like SanLucar, Disney is committed to a more balanced lifestyle with its popular characters and stories. Thus, Disney has developed with “Disney Kitchen” a new packaging design in Europe, which identifies all products that comply with Disney’s nutritional guidelines and promote the consumption of fruit, vegetables and whole grains.

Nuria Pizán: "All our fruit growers are subject to our strict and extensive certification requirements and testing. We are the only fruit and vegetable brand in Germany and Austria that can meet Disney's requirements for the Disney Kitchen Logo. That makes us quite proud."

In addition to special designed packaging, SanLucar offers its clients numerous promotional materials such as displays, sales folders, recipe folders and top signs. The highlight of the promotion is the raffle of a trip for the whole family to Bari (Italy) visiting a grower of SanLucar. The competition is flanked by the brand's usual strong social media activities.

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