International Food Processing, Packaging, and Machinery Exhibition

15 November 2019

Morocco is one of the most profitable market for food, processing, packaging and machinery industry in the African region with its’ perfect location, annual growth rate, and its’ dependency to the international food market. Morocco is located to Northern Africa with a perfect close-range of Europe, less than 15 kilometers away from Spain.
Morocco which has around 36 million populations is the 6th largest economy among the 14 Middle East and Northern Africa countries. It had a GDP of 140.1 billion dollars in 2016.
Moroccan is famous for producing wheat, sugar beet, orange, potatoes, tomatoes, olives, olive oil, fish and many other products but it is strongly dependent to foreign machinery industry to extend variety of product line and modernize their packaging technology. Being a multilingual country, having a stable political structure, having tax free agreements with many countries and Moroccan market’s dependency on the international market make all eyes are on Moroccan market in recent years.

The General Manager of ELAN EXPO Mr. Suer AY explained their success in Morocco; “SIEMA EXPO is one of our Food, Processing, Packaging, and Machinery exhibitions in the international market. We are growing annually in the Moroccan market; we are enlarging our international exhibitor scope according to our previous years in Morocco.
1st edition of the Morocco SIEMA Expo 2018 was very crowded and preferred to visit and participate with a wideranging product line; Food Processing Machines, Food Packaging Machines, Refrigeration Technology Products, Food Industries Equipments, Milling Machinery, Agricultural Tractor, Products and Equipments, Glass Products, and more, we collected many good feedback from our exhibitors.

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