Integrated communications plan for the 25th anniversary of Marlene®

12 October 2020
Marlene® has chosen art to celebrate its 25th anniversary with a digital contest and the support of an integrated communications plan comprising the digital media, TV and trade activities.Founded in 1995, the Marlene® brand has grown constantly throughout its first 25 years to become one of the best-known brands in the fruit and vegetable sector in both Italy and many of the countries in which it is present with its apple varieties. “The most recent market research confirms the reputation of the Marlene® brand and its popularity with consumers, with a brand awareness of over 90% in Italy”, explains Hannes Tauber, Marketing Manager of the VOG Consortium.  

The apple that is an artwork
The international digital contest puts consumers at the centre, entrusting them with the design of the new Marlene® promotional image for the entire anniversary year. “Producing an apple isn’t easy – continues Tauber – Our producers can be regarded as genuine artists thanks to the tireless and passionate work they carry out every day in their apple orchards, which are located in unique places in terms of exposure and climate, like the lands between Merano, Bolzano, Bressanone and the lower Atesina. This is why we have decided to ask our consumers to tell us what the Marlene® apple means to them by creating a drawing, an image, a genuine artwork that speaks to the world using the same language”.For two months, until 15 November 2020, consumers from across the world will be able to directly upload their images in a special section of the website: over 1000 images have already been uploaded. A jury will select the best 25 artistic contributions on the basis of criteria like aesthetic quality, the celebratory nature of the content and the emotions transmitted by the creation.The top ranked artwork will form the basis of the communications to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Marlene®. In addition, all 25 “finalists” will be able to visit the apple kingdom of South Tyrol - Südtirol during a stay in the farmhouses managed by Marlene® producers.

An intensive and structured communications campaign 
To celebrate this important anniversary the VOG Consortium has developed a communication plan dedicated to Marlene® which, divided into two phases, will cover the entire 2020-2021 sales season. In the first phase, at the same time as the digital contest there will be a TV campaign with a commercial broadcast on the main national networks, a digital campaign on social media and in online and printed magazines, promotional kits for B2B clients and a trade marketing programme with activities in retail outlets and the wholesale channel involving displays and POS signs as well as wall coverings and posters. “Naturally, for this entire period Marlene® apples will be distinctive for their new celebratory 25th anniversary stickers, as well as labels and a series of materials to mark this important milestone”, explains Hannes Tauber. 

The second phase will take place between the end of January and August 2021: the top ranked artwork in the digital contest will completely characterise the image of Marlene® apples and will appear on various advertising materials, labels, packaging, stickers and specially-created goodies. “We want the 25th anniversary of Marlene® to bring new energy, impetus and positivity to the sector, changing the way that fruit is presented”, concludes Hannes Tauber.

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