22 – 23 May Moscow hosted the 2nd International Investment Orchards of Russia

16 July 2019

22 – 23 May Moscow hosted the 2nd International Investment Orchards of Russia Forum and Exhibition which was devoted to the development prospects of commercial fruit, berry, and grape growing industry in Russia. 
The Forum spanned over 500 delegates from flagship commercial orchards, vineyards, berry plantations, and fruit nurseries. Just to name a few: Agronom-Sad, STEP Agroholding, AFG National, Yuzhnaya Agrofirm, Sady Stavropolia, Sad-Gigant Ingushetia, Sady Pridonia, Sinco Group, Don Sad, Belyi Sad, Alma Valley, Malinovy Don, Sady Sury, Glazunovskie Sady, Invest-Alko, Grigorievskie Sady, Agrokombinat Moskovsky, Rudo-ND, Agro-Belogorie Group, Eseninsky Agrokompleks, Batyrevsky Nursery, Cherlaksky Nursery, Legenda Krima, Massandra, Golubika Rossii, Yagody Chernozemia, SPK Arkhangelskaya Klyukva, and a lot more.

General Sponsor: Russian Agricultural Bank
Gold Sponsor: FitomagInter, Silver Sponsor: Summit Agro, Bronze Sponsors: Advice&Consulting, UNITEC SPA, Plattenhardt+Wirth GmbH, Irricom Agro, Helios Group, Artes Politecnica srl, Tesrete, Evropeiskie Sady, Seveplant DOO, Vario System, Session Sponsor: Stoller.
Alexey Zhdanov, Deputy Chairman of the Board, Russian Agricultural Bank, came up with a welcome remark and reported about the support for national fruit and grape-growing industry. (фото 28-32)

The participants of the plenary session “Development strategies for commercial fruit and grape growing” and the moderator Inna Rykova, Head of Sectorial Economy Centre, Financial Research Institute of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation discussed the efficiency of national support measures for horticulture, food storage, processing, and logistics. The participants also elaborated the strategies for further development of the industry for 2020-2025. 
Anton Tikhonov, Executive Director of Large-Scale Business Department, Russian Agricultural Bank, (фото 34-37) relying on the results of FY2018, reported about industry growth drivers and investment.
Daria Snitko, Head of Economic Forecast Centre, Gazprombank (фото 52-54) prepared an overview of macro-economic factors framing agriculture development. Her report also included the dynamics of investment in Russian regions and its distribution by agriculture sectors.
Alexander Zarubin, Director of Department, Fruits, Berries, Grapes, Gossortkomissia (фото 81-82, 87-88) talked about testing of varieties of fruits, berries, and grapes. He also highlighted the main stages of registration of varieties and their inclusion in the National Register.
The representatives of large commercial orchards and vineyards, such as Zamir Balkizov, General Director, Sad-Gigant Ingushetia (фото 97-101), Aidyn Shirinov, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Sady Stavropolia (фото 102-107), Sergey Lebedev, General Director, Alma Valley (фото 108-110), presented their companies and spoke about the main industry growth drivers and mid-term development prospects.

According to the panellists of the plenary session and the honoured guests, the fruit-growing industry is developing rapidly due to the effective governmental support.  Scale-up of investment is observed: new investment projects for establishing, development, and modernisation of orchards emerge.
A series of investment projects was showcased within the session “Major investment projects for fruit and grape growing”. Dmitry Zhilyakov, Managing Director of Strategy and Corporate Development Department, Russian Agricultural Bank was a moderator of the session (фото 214-216). Olga Plenkina, General Director, Invest-Alko presented a project for starting vineyards in the Republic of Crimea and informed about the peculiar features of viticulture in the region. (фото 246, 247) Olga Segal, Manager of Fruit and Berry Plantations, Grigorievskie Sady spoke about the Urals’ one and only project on the development of intensive fruit and berry orchards. (фото 231-234). Elena Kardapolova, Production Director, Sinco Group, presented a project on the revival of fruit and berry orchards in the Volga region. Alexander Prodan, Chairman of SSSPPK Malinovy Don, described a project on the establishment of a berry plantation and farm development. 

Within the 2-day Forum, the industry leaders, manufacturers of equipment and services talked about the strategies of running a successful agriculture business, improving efficiency and reducing production expenses.  The speakers included the representatives of the following companies: Rudo-ND, Rosagroleasing, I-Plast, SFT Group, Delphy BV, Irricom Agro, Fitomag, Helios Group, AGROselection, Agroline, Tesrete, Artes Politecnica.

Within the Forum agenda and the specialised exhibition, technical, engineering, and service solutions were demonstrated by AGRINOVA II, BARZOY doo, BCS S.p.A., Carolus Trees, FruitSecurity Holland, Sulek A., Plattenhardt + Wirth Gmbh, Infrost-Project, Agropak, Kronen, Jcoplastic S.p.A., Agritecno Fertilizantes, Stilmer Sp. z o.o., Alfa Laval Potok, Teco, and a lot more.
Special attention was paid to the issues of establishing and treatment of orchards, cultivation and distribution of food. Those topics were discussed within the parallel technical discussions devoted to fruit orchards, vineyards, and berry plantations.
The participants of the parallel sessions included: Alexey Vidanov, Head, KFH Vidanov; Lyubov Orlova, Consulting Agronomist, Inform-Lines; Alexander Prodan, Chairman, SSPPK Malinovy Don; Alexander Lukyanchenko, General Director, Yagody Chernozemia; Yury Sharets, Project Leader, Golubika Rossii; Olga Khudoleeva, Director of Department, Infrastructure Development and Investment Attraction, SPK Arkhangelskaya Klyukva; Artem Sorokin, Director of Research and Breeding Nursery, Rassvet. (фото 296 – 307, 312-314, 335, 345-347, 354-356)
The Forum featured Apple from Russia Focus Day, which attracted the attention of all delegates. The participants of “Orchard Treatment” session shared their experience on nutrition and orchard fertility improvement. The participants explored methods and techniques of successful treatment of apple orchard. Another session was devoted to the discussion of techniques to protect plants from diseases, safe post-harvest apple treatment, and factors affecting storage quality. 
Parallel sessions “Planting stock” and “Organic production” concluded the Forum. Both sessions welcomed major representatives of the industry: Tatiana Slepneva, Consulting Agronomist, Grigorievskie Sady; Vladimir Fedotov, Deputy Director for Development, Rassvet; Sergey Korshunov, Chairman of the Board, Organic Agriculture Union; Dmitry Mitin, Area Director, Orchards, Zelenye Linii-Kaluga, and a lot more.
The delegates enjoyed the packed business programme, built new business relations, met colleagues and partners, and enjoyed informal networking during coffee breaks and evening cocktail featuring representatives of retail chains. During the cocktail reception the representatives of Magnit, Lenta, VkussVill, Fruit Platform conducted round tables, exchanged business cards, and continued networking in the informal setting.
The 2-day Forum witnessed over 500 meetings, which became a foundation for win-win cooperation of the event participants.

We invite you to join the 3rd International Investment Orchards of Russia Forum 2020.

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