Macfrut, 37th edition presented

16 September 2019

Another novelty is the new exhibition: The Spices & Herbs Global Expo, a new pavilion entirely dedicated to the world of spices and officinal and aromatic herbs. This event, the first of its kind in Europe, is aimed at this very dynamic sector as a global meeting point for producers, technicians, researchers, traders and processors. Ismea - Institute of Services for the Agricultural and Food Market will introduce this important theme at the trade fair by presenting a Global observatory on spices and officinal herbs, gathering numerous data which, to date, have not been analysed in such a way as to provide a comprehensive overview of the sector. This will be done for the first time in Europe, with Macfrut leading the way.

Looking beyond national borders has always been one of Macfrut’s key points. This edition’s international partner is Asia. Specifically, “Fruits and spices along Marco Polo’s route”, with a spotlight on emerging Asian markets, where fruit, vegetables and spices are becoming increasingly in demand.

Sardinia, instead, will be the Partner Region of Macfrut 2020. The fruit and vegetable sector plays a crucial role in Sardinia, increasing the total value of agricultural production (23%). Potatoes and vegetables account for 86% of production, with the main crops being tomatoes and artichokes (23% of national production). Tomatoes are grown both in greenhouses for fresh consumption and in the open air before being processed into pulp and peeled tomatoes.
The competitive advantages of this industry also depend on the fact that fruit and vegetable products are grown at different times of the year (earlier or later) compared to other Italian regions and that quality products are highly valued.

As for side events, the international event dedicated to Biostimulants will take place again, as well as a focus session on exotic fruits with the third edition of the Tropical Fruit Congress, which this time will be dedicated to avocados, and the three dynamic areas: Acqua Campus, a test field for innovations in irrigation, Macfrut Field Solution, a test field with cutting-edge technology for the horticultural and fruit sectors, and the Greenhouse Technology Village, the greenhouse horticulture innovation village.
Other novelties include the International Tomato Contest, the Tomato world championship with the participation of industry players, producers and seed companies, and the International Strawberry Symposium, which will come to a close at the trade fair on 6 May.

As every year, this autumn Macfrut will be extensively promoted around the world with a tour consisting of 28 international missions across various continents: not only Asia but also South America, Europe and Africa.

Elena Vincenzi/Stefania Duminuco
International press office Macfrut

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