VOG exhibit a wide range of apples at Fruit Attraction 2019

26 October 2019

The Consortium from Italy's South Tyrol–Südtirol region was one of the star exhibitors in hall 8, with the Marlene® brand and its vast assortment of Club apples.
This year, the VOG Consortium presented more than ten brands at Fruit Attraction 2019, the international fruit and vegetable show held in Madrid from 22 to 24 October.
Naturally, Marlene® was in the spotlight, with all five varieties distributed in Spain: Royal Gala, Golden and Red Delicious, Granny Smith and Fuji. In fact, the Daughter of the Alps is the VOG Consortium's number one brand on the Spanish market. Year by year, Marlene® apples' share of the total sales in the country has constantly increased, and they now account for more than 90% of the Consortium's business there, confirming this brand's status as the best known in the entire fruit and vegetable sector. This impressive result is supported by the various marketing activities, including the consumer advertising campaigns that started in October on TV, in cinemas and online.

As well as the Marlene® range, the South Tyrol growers' organisation exhibited the organic line, with Bio Marlene®, Evelina Bio® and Biosüdtirol, and other top Club apples: Pink Lady®, envy™, yello®, Kanzi®, SweeTango®, Kissabel® and many others. "This decision reflects VOG's chosen strategy for the next few years, with a project which makes diversification and innovation the distinguishing factors of our output," the Consortium's new CEO Walter Pardatscher explained.
The VOG 2018-2019 campaign reflects the importance and stability of the Variety Growers' Club brands. In spite of the European production surplus, Club apples proved their strength by retaining their market shares unscathed and achieving very satisfactory results compared to the traditional varieties. The best-performing Club apples exhibited at Fruit Attraction were the new yello®, envy™ and Kissabel® varieties. Marketing of yello® is still in its infancy, but both results and feedback from distribution partners were very encouraging. Envy™ apples have also successfully entered the market, especially in Italy and Spain, with a good response from wholesalers in particular: with an increase in crop size of almost 50% in 2017, VOG was very happy with the outcome of the sales campaign. There are also very positive signs from the Asian area, where this apple's sweet taste has delighted consumers and where it could potentially act as a trail-blazer. Although still only available in small quantities last season, Kissabel®, the new brand name of the Ifored red-flesh apples, proved very popular with consumers in Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Italy. Tastings organised in stores and during exhibitions and events, and approval tests, revealed that the market likes its enticing appearance and distinctive organoleptic characteristics, as well, of course, as its innovative red flesh.

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