Country's flagship investment projects in the field of gardening, viticulture, and wine-making

17 May 2019

The 2nd Annual Investment Forum & Exhibition “Orchards of Russia 2019” (22-23 May 2019, Moscow) is a high-end international platform for attracting investment to Russian commercial horticulture, discussing industry development strategy, sharing best practices among key market players, and securing new win-win contracts.
General Sponsor: Russian Agricultural Bank, Gold sponsor: Fitomag, Silver sponsor: Sumiagro, Bronze sponsors: Irrikom, Advice&Consulting SRL, Unitec, Plattenhardt + Wirth, Helios Group, Evropeiskie Sady, Seveplant, Tesrete, Vario System, Artes Group, Sponsor of Session: Stoller Russia.

Orchards of Russia 2019 in facts and figures:
Plenary meeting and discussion: national support policy, legislative framework, project financial conditions, featuring senior executives of federal and regional government, regulators, investors, and project initiators; 
• Personal involvement of Olga Lesnykh, Acting Chairman of Variety Testing Committee (Gossortkomissia);
500+ confirmed participants, industry players, representatives of agri-holdings and agri-unions, cooperatives, Russian and international investors: Agronom-Sad, STEP Agroholding, APH Eco-culture, AFG National, Yug Zemli, Glazunovskie Sady, Grigorievskie Sady, Volga Group, Legenda Krima, UK Irrico, R-Agro, Rudo-ND, AgroGroupSolnechny, Rodina (Grozny), Sady Stavropolia, Malinovy Don, Sad-Gigant Ingushetia, Batyrevsky Fruit Nursery, Korochansky Fruit Nursery, Alma Valley, Novy Krim, Bakhchisaray Dolina, Sady Staroy Russy, Sady Elbrusa, Sasy Sury, SPH Abramovskoye, SPK Arkhangelskaya Klyukva, SPK De-Gusto,  Tambovskie Sady, Chihachi, Yagody Chernozemia, X5 Retail Group, VkusVill, Tander, Lenta, National Fruit Company, and a lot more

50+ speakers, panellists, and VIP-guests: Inna Rykova, Head of Sectorial Economy Centre, Financial Research Institute of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation; Zamir Balkizov, General Director, Sad-Gigant Ingushetia; Leonid Retinsky, President, Rudo-ND; Aidyn Shirinov, Chairman of the Board, Sady Stavropolia;  Sergey Lebedev, General Director,  Alma Valley; Olga Penkina, General Director, Invest-Alko; Olga Segal, Manager of Fruit and Berry Plantations, Grigorievskie Sady; Elena Kardapolova, Production Director, Sinco Group; Roman Bulenov, General Director, Novy Krim, and a lot more;
Presentation of flagship investment projects in the field of fruit and grape growing: establishment of new orchards and modernisation of existing ones to be developed within 2020-2025;
Specialised round tables and technical discussions: fruit orchards, vineyards, berry plantations. Learn from your peers what practice to adopt and what mistakes to avoid
Apple from Russia Focus Day: apple orchard treatment – nutrition and fertility improvement, innovative strategies of fruit protection while storage
Planting stock and Fruit Nursery Development – what is to be done to address the challenge in the shortest time possible? 
• Showcase of innovative technology from the lead companies: FitomagInter, Irrikom, IPLAST, Alfa Laval Potok, Agropak, SumiAgro, Teco, Plattenhardt + Wirth GmbH, Advice&Consulting, Kronen, Zelenye Linii – Kaluga, Ludvig Svensson, Infrost-Project, Helios Group, VinProf, Carolus Trees, Vivai Nischler, AGROselection GmbH, Fruit Control Equipments, Jcoplastic S.p.A. and others.

Programme Highlights:
Plenary session and discussion: federal and regional government, regulators, investors, project initiators will discuss the national support policy, project financial terms, legislative landscape for starting nurseries, for planting stock coming from abroad, and many other crucial issues for the prosperous development of commercial fruit and grape growing industry within 2020-2021
Presentation of 80+ flagship investment projects in the field of commercial fruit and grape growing to be executed within 2020-2025 from all over Russia
Planting stock and nurseries – what is needed to accelerate the development?
Special economic keynote: success of the industry and growth points. Assortment policy and what to grow?
Processing – wonderful opportunity to generate extra revenue? How to build and optimize processing capacities?
Inspirational case studies from the most successful companies from Russia and the CIS; showcase of innovative technologies and equipment useful for your business upswing!
Specialized and technology - focused discussions: fruit growing, viticulture, berry production. Learn from your peers what experience to adopt and what mistakes to avoid!
Selling at home and abroad – how to get things going and generate more revenue?
To go organic. Legislation and workable strategies to grow ecologically clean food
Dedicated exhibition of technologies and equipment from the global leaders from Holland, Israel, South Korea, Spain, Poland, France, and other countries

Specialised workshops on apple orchard establishment and treatment. Modern work strategies and novel developments
Cultivation technologies and nutrition systems to improve fertility of apple orchard: modern innovative means, methods, techniques, technologies, and machinery

About the organiser:
Vostock Capital – is an upswing company with a 17-year success story and hundreds of top-rank enterprises in a loyal customer pool. By our client testimonials, we are a leading provider of consulting and event management services focusing on international conferences, congresses, forums, exhibitions, summits and experience sharing programmes for the specialists of oil and gas, agroindustrial, IT and power engineering industries from Russia, CIS, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Our headquarter is located in Great Britain, with representative offices in Russia and Latin America.
 The consistently flawless quality of execution of our events has paid off, granting us an immaculate reputation among market-leading firms as a distinguished business platform, designed for building and fostering business relations driven by customised participation and strong emphasis on networking with a primary audience of leading firms.
Our mission is to create impeccable and effective business venues, intended to bring key market players together, render reliable and valuable business-oriented intelligence, and drive experience-sharing and brainstorming for successful project solutions – leading sustainable development of industries and entire regions of the world.

Organised by: Vostock Capital
Contact person: Project Producer Olga Zhogal
E-mail: Tel:  +44 207 394 30 90 (London)
Official website:

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