At Berlin Fruit Logistica 2023 the launch of “Regina di Puglia” the four-day event in Noicàttaro dedicated to table grapes

25 January 2023
A new initiative aimed at promoting Italian table grapes will be presented at Berlin Fruit Logistica from 8th to 10th February. It deals with an event will take place from the 23rd to the 26th of July 2023 in Noicàttaro, in the south of Bari. The event will have an emblematic title: “Regina di Puglia” followed by the explanation: “The Apulian Table Grape Network”. Companies and organisations will be involved not only from Noicàttaro but also from surrounding territories, that are among the most important table grapes producers in the world. Buyers from Europe and Middle East, journalists and bloggers from Italy and abroad will be invited to the four-day event with the aim of promoting table grapes and their territory. Noicàttaro's councillor for Agriculture and Environment, Vito Fraschini, and the one for Land Development, Germana Pignatelli, who strongly supported this initiative, will be attending Fruit Logistica together with the Mayor Raimondo Innamorato and part of the Council, in order to meet Italian and foreign traders. Promotional material in Italian and English will be distributed at the fair.

According to councillor Vito Fraschini, "the initiative that will take place in Noicàttaro in July will be the first edition of an event that will promote the territory and its precious product, turning the spotlight not only on the city but on the entire production area. Enhancing the Apulian table grape production area on an international level is the focus of the project launched by the Municipality, which is open to the widest collaborations".


Councillor Germana Pignatelli points out that it will be four intense days, including visits to companies and territory, tastings and B2B meetings, which will be reserved for trade visitors, journalists and bloggers. The event will take place - on purpose - during the days of the “Festa del Carmine”, which is celebrated in Noicàttaro with a multitude of events that will give visitors a taste of the area, of its traditions, and also an idea of what the town can offer in terms of production, tourism and culture.

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