Flower&Garden Attraction

26 June 2018

With over four and a half months to go before the opening of Flower&Garden Attraction, attendance is already confirmed from a significant number of companies in the Spanish market with representation from Andalusia, the Canary Islands, Madrid, Valencia, Galicia and Catalonia, as well as companies from Holland and other European countries. Flower&Garden Attraction will therefore be playing host to flower and plant producers; wholesalers and retailers; associations and groups, as well as supporting industries (soils, fertilisers, phytosanitaries, composts, seeds, irrigation, etc.).

The key to success for the companies taking part in Flower&Garden Attraction 2018, is the large commitment to investment that IFEMA is making to attract all the big purchasing and distribution groups in the Spanish market and the rest of Europe, through four major channels of activity:

1. International Guest Programme: Each participant may invite, with travel and accommodation paid for, a number of customers or potential customers from anywhere in the world, which will result in high-ranking and quality visitors/buyers.

2. Making it easy for big purchasing syndicates and supermarket chains to organise meetings, under the auspices of the Fair, with their flower and plant suppliers. This same activity is also being undertaken with international DIY and garden centre chains.

3. International promotion and advertising campaigns, in a wide range of formats and market-specific media.

4. Getting maximum benefit from all the synergies with the ability to specifically target visitor profiles of international supermarkets that come to Fruit Attraction from over 120 countries.

To these can be added hyper/supermarkets, flower and plant wholesaling merchants, retailers, importers, florists, decorators and landscapers, market media, etc.
This event is becoming the greatest opportunity for the professional flower and live plant trade industry, where diversity, innovation and trends will be key.

Flower&Garden Attraction will offer exhibitors maximum exposure within Fruit Attraction as well as significant international and national publicity, as well as the benefit of considerable investment in the International Guest Programme, which will bring over 1,000 retail purchasing managers, importers and wholesalers from all over the world to Madrid as guests.

This new exhibition has been conceived to help stimulate and enliven the professional flower and plant sector in two ways. Firstly, to boost the development of current distribution channels in the domestic market, especially garden centres, paying special attention to large distributors, which are becoming important purchasing points for Spanish consumers. Secondly, to create a flower and plant buying culture in Spain, bringing us closer to the higher levels found in other EU countries. Flower&Garden Attraction also intends to be an international meeting point where the flower and plant sector's supply and demand can do business.

Fruit Attraction is celebrating its 10th Anniversary with the largest number of exhibitors since it began, welcoming 1,600 exhibitors and 70,000 professionals from 120 countries.

Further information at www.fruitattraction.ifema/flowergardenattraction

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9 April 2020
The global situation surrounding the Covid-19 virus has continued to evolve, and dmg events have been closely monitoring the situation. We have also been in close contact with our exhibitors, partners and key participants. With the necessary restrictions which the South African Government has rightly introduced to protect public safety, and internal travel bans within companies, a large majority of participants now find themselves unable to travel. With this in mind, and in the interests of our global exhibitors and key buyers from the region, Africa’s Big 7 will be postponed and rescheduled to 20 – 22 June 2021. »


9 April 2020
The VOG Consortium farmers in South Tyrol - Südtirol use candles and anti-frost systems to protect the harvest on freezing spring nights. A dazzling concentration of lights that illuminate the fields. This is the romantic sight, often immortalised on websites and the social media, that you could have observed on the last few nights in South Tyrol - Südtirol. In the apple orchards neatly arranged on the slopes and hills of this region, the fruit growers of the VOG Consortium employ anti-frost systems to warm up the flowering plants and protect them from the freezing temperatures of these spring nights. »

Flavia strawberry in Campania region

8 April 2020
Another confirmation of the Flavia* strawberry's potential in the Battipaglia area (Salerno - Campania). Jacopo Diamanti from Salvi Nurseries: ”This variety is a benchmark for future seasons. The fruits fall into the medium-high segment of the market ". CIV continues its journey in the Italian strawberry cultivation areas of excellence, in order to hear firsthand the producers' opinion on the Flavia* cultivar: characterized by early growth, medium vigor and easy to harvest fruits external to the foliage, high resistance to powdery mildew and leaf and root diseases »