Anuga 2023: Combating food waste together

2 August 2023

Solution proposals for a sustainable future under the sign of the key topic Sustainable Growth

Food waste is a huge global problem that has both ecological and social consequences. Every year millions of tons of foodstuffs are discarded worldwide, even though millions of people are suffering from hunger. As the leading global trade fair for the food industry, Anuga would like to push the discussion about food waste: By offering exhibitors and leading institutions an international exchange platform, sustainable solutions can be discussed at an early stage. New, innovative technologies are required to reduce food waste. All of the industry participants, from the production to the processing segments, and from the trade through to the consumers, have to work together.

"We would like to support companies in presenting their latest technologies and strategies that combat food waste at Anuga and in the scope of the Anuga Horizon Summit. This enables a productive exchange between the participants and offers the opportunity for them to establish new partnerships and exploit synergies. Together we can address the global challenges of the industry and true to this year's key topic find innovative ways to promote sustainable growth. Because the most sustainable and most effective solution for creating a world without hunger, is without doubt decisively stopping food wastage," stressed Jan Philipp Hartmann, Director Anuga.

Reducing food waste by 2030
According to the EU Commission, EU countries are to reduce retail and consumer food waste by 2030.
This is totally in the interests of the consumers: According to a current survey by the Anuga knowledge partner, Innova Market Insights, they place the reduction of food waste at the top of their list of environmentally-conscious measures. Almost half of the consumers (46 percent) actively assert themselves for the reduction of food waste, whilst 36 percent direct their efforts towards recycling, upcycling and reusing products. Beyond this, almost 9 out of ten consumers sometimes take the environment into account when choosing their food. Further figures, data and facts are available in the current blog article on the theme food waste.

It is becoming evident that the consumers' awareness for the health of our planet is growing increasingly and that they also expect the food industry to make corresponding efforts. Hence, the need for product innovations and solutions that sustainably improve the global food system, is greater than ever.

This is precisely what Anuga is picking up on with this year's key theme "Sustainable Growth". The leading global trade fair of the food industry will be complemented by an ambitious congress and event programme and offers many opportunities for networking. Thanks to new partnerships such as the ones with EIT Food, the European Institute of Innovation & Technology and with UNIDO, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the most important issues of the industry will be addressed and innovations presented and discussed in the scope of conferences, workshops, experience areas and speaker sessions.

UNIDO side events in the scope of Anuga
On 7 October, the first-class specialised event of UNIDO will in the scope of Anuga highlight the challenges that particularly people suffering from hunger in rural areas are confronted with. The aim of the side event is to present analytical surveys, present innovations and political options for overcoming the global challenge. Special attention will be placed on the role of players from the private sector and partnerships as well as technology as the groundbreaker for putting an end to hunger in the world. In order to address these and other industry challenges and discuss possible solutions, the theme Supply Chain Disruption will also be touched upon in the scope of the UNIDO side event on 8 October.

Food for the food bank
What's more, Anuga has been offering the exhibiting companies the opportunity to donate surplus food, sample products or products with a short sell-by date to food banks for many years. Over the past three years almost 500 Euro pallets of food have been collected in total. Other trade fairs such as the ISM also take part in this campaign. These donations have had a direct and positive influence on the lives of needy people. Passing on these foodstuffs not only helps fight hunger, but also contributes towards saving valuable resources. Germany's food bank, the Tafel, will once again be participating at this year's Anuga and will take the opportunity to inform visitors about the possibility of making a donation and the subsequent distribution thereof.

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