Interpoma 2024 On The Horizon: Stable Apple Production Levels In Italy And A Slightly Lower European Harvest

15 August 2023
The yearly WAPA report was published on the occasion of the Prognosfruit held in Trentino (Italy): Italian production levels are stable, France and Spain grow, while Poland and Germany suffer a slump. 

The new challenges in the apple industry will headline the Interpoma 2024, the only trade fair in the entire world specialized in apples. The trade fair will run between 21 and 23 November 2024 at the Fiera Bolzano.

 During the hiatus between the South Tyrolean trade fair, which takes place every two years – the last edition was held in November 2022 – apple enthusiasts can look forward to Prognosfruit 2023, the yearly, itinerant trade fair during which WAPA, the World Apple and Pear Association, publishes a report containing forecasts on the upcoming European apple harvest. Due to WAPA’s choice of location, this year’s Interpoma supported and promoted Prognosfruit as the event’s Technical Sponsor. This meant that every fairgoer received the second edition of Interpoma’s official magazine, the Ipoma Magazine, printed on 100% apple paper and bursting with news on the industry. Gerhard Dichgans coordinates the magazine, which goes into detail across numerous topics. The second edition focused on topics such as “Rise and Fall of a Superstar: Why the Red Delicious has gone downhill”, “Precision agriculture and AI predictions in orchards”, “Love and Craft: How Japan raised the apple to the status of cultural asset”, “Juicy Dividends in Normandy: How apples not suited for raw consumption are transformed into cider and Calvados”.  

The Prognosfruit 2023 was held in Trentino (Italy) and revealed that forecast European production will reach 11,411,000 tons, a 3.3% drop compared to last year. The country dragging production down is Poland, the largest European apple producer overall, with a -11.1% drop YOY. If we turn to Italy, production levels are strong yet stable, helping it maintain its second position in Europe with an estimated 2,104,000 tons. If we dig deeper, South Tyrolean and Trentino production are on the rise, respectively at +7% and +4%. Moving to upcoming trends, France and Spain have proved to be quite lively markets: Forecasts for France speak of a harvest equaling 1,501,000 tons, +7.9% YOY on growth and +9.5% compared to the average of the last three years. Spain performs even better with its 536.000 tons, representing an astounding +30.1% YOY growth and +14.8% compared to the average of the last three years. However, what goes up, must come down: That fate has befallen Germany, as estimates speak of a harvest yielding 952,000 tons, i.e. -11.2% YOY and -7.9% compared to the last triennium.  

These new trends and much, much more will be in the spotlight between 21 and 23 November 2024 in Bolzano during Interpoma and the satellite Interpoma Congress, where international apple experts gather to exchange ideas and updates about the industry. 

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