Investment projects Desalination Latin American

25 October 2023
Vostock Capital's analysts team has prepared the analytics report called Desalination projects Latin America. The report includes the 21 key projects for desalination plants in Latin America, Chile, Peru and Mexico.

The analytics report was prepared prior to the 6th Annual International Conference and Exhibition Desalination Latin America (13-14 March, 2024 – Santiago, Chile), which will bring together heads of all desalination operators from Latin America to discuss project development in modern economic realities. 

Among the projects listed in the report: 

• Nueva Union (Chile - USD $ 3.5 B): 
The project is scheduled to include a single desalination plant (with a likely capacity of around 700 litters per second (60,480m³/d), a single port, a single transmission line, a single concentrator ,and a common tailings facility. Teck Resources agreed to combine their respective El Morro and Relincho mining projects by establishing a 50/50 joint venture, «Nueva Unión», which will produce copper, gold and molybdenum.

• ENAPAC (Chile - USD $ 1,5 Bn): 
ENAPAC project is a self-sustainable desalination plant for the Atacama region. The project will be one of the most advanced multipurpose projects in the world, with a combination of reverse osmosis desalination with photovoltaic energy and multiclient distribution for multiple uses.

• Tia Maria Copper Mine (Peru - USD $ 1.4 Bn):
The project involves the construction of a desalination plant that will produce 20,000 m3/day of desalinated water, a pumping station, water storage tanks, conveyance pipelines, intake and outlet pipelines, biochemical reaction tanks and sedimentation tanks.
• Puerto Peñasco (Mexico - USD $ 500 M): The desalination plant to serve the city of Puerto Peñasco in Sonora state. The initial phase is foreseen as 7,000m³/d, with plans for further capacity expansion in the future. 

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