Total Value of its investment is 520 million Dirhams

25 August 2018

The delegate of the Bureau visited Rainbow Mechanical Solution L.L.C Hose Division, specialized in manufacturing end-to-end solutions to various industries in terms of Iron reservoirs, Iron products coated with steel, machining, protective coatings, pumps, drilling and downhole tools, and powder-coated products. The investment value of this factory totals 25 million Dirhams.
Further, the delegate visited National Paints Company Abu Dhabi Branch – specialized in manufacturing paints, polishes, tinting, dyes, thinners, and organic compound diluents. The investment value of this factory totals 25 million Dirhams. Additionally, the delegate visited Hotpack Packaging L.L.C specialized in packaging items and related products made of Plastic, Aluminum, Foam and Paper in terms of plastic containers, cups, boxes, and pockets in addition to importing & exporting. The investment value of this factory totals 25 million Dirhams.

Moreover, the delegate visited Emirates Industrial Prefabrication Factory with an investment value totals 270 million Dirhams. Specialized in manufacturing & producing iron structures, high-pressure reservoirs, connections, pipes and steel containers for chemical materials, oil and water. Besides, visited Al Nasr Teel Industries with an investment value totals 45 million Dirhams. This factory is specialized in manufacturing welded tube props for the oil fields’ drilling pipes, as well as steel structures, connections, and oil fields’ drilling pipes.


The delegate concluded its visits to the new factories entered into production, by visiting the branch of AI Jazira Metal Industries L.L.C with an investment value totals 100 million Dirhams. It is specialized in hot Dip Galvanization, Iron structures, Corrugated Sheet, Insulated Panels, dispensers and metal gates & fences. And visiting Target for Plastic Products, the factory with an investment value totals 30 million Dirhams. It is specialized in manufacturing disposable plastic cups, containers, plates and trays for food preservation.

On his part, the Engineer Ahmed Hilal Al-Baloushi, Acting Executive Director of Industrial Development Bureau, highlighted the keenness of Abu Dhabi Government in providing all necessary support to encourage investors in industry sector. By providing privileges & incentives which contribute to achieving success to their investments representing an added value to the economy of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. While reflecting its directions and efforts towards realizing objectives of economic development theme within Abu Dhabi plan.

He added that Industrial Development Bureau makes sure to follow up the performance of the new factories entered into production by conducting visits on regular basis by the working group. Aiming to identify their requirements, provide the necessary support and enable them to achieve successful projects, while ensuring the fulfillment of the highest rates of competiveness within industry sector.
In this regard, engineer Ahmed Hilal Al-Baloushi underlined the DED’s keenness to provide technical and advisory support for exporting products of these manufacturers while enhancing the exports of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. By conducting and providing introductory programs and seminars about domestic exports enabling it to gain access to markets with high competitiveness.
Practitioners of the new factories that entered into production informed the delegate of Industrial Development Bureau have about the nature of works, mechanism of production and marketing of products starting from manufacturing phases and ending with sales and marketing within both local & international markets.

During its visits, the delegate of Industrial Development Bureau honored managements of the new factories as an appreciation for deciding to invest in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and a support to proceed with its works and to take advantage of the outstanding business environment guaranteed by the government of Abu Dhabi.  Owners of the new factories expressed their gratitude to the delegate for the visit as they stressed their willingness to pursue works and efforts, so such establishments will efficiently contribute to provide an added value to industrial sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

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