FLOWER&GARDEN ATTRACTION - the new exhibition area for the flower and plant sector at the 10th edition of Fruit Attraction

22 March 2018

“FLOWER&GARDEN ATTRACTION” aims to shine the spotlight on live flower and plant sector companies that took part in FRUIT ATTRACTION in previous years and to encourage new companies to be part of this specialised area. Flower&Garden Attraction has also been organised in response to the interest shown by international companies in taking part in Fruit Attraction 2018, and the explicit request made by numerous visitors in the surveys conducted by the Trade Fair.

This new exhibition area aims to stimulate and enliven the professional flower and plant sector in two ways. Firstly, to develop current distribution channels in the domestic market, especially garden centres, by paying special attention to large distributors, making these important places for Spanish consumers to shop. Secondly, to encourage the habit of buying flowers and plants, bringing us closer to the levels found in other EU countries. Flower&Garden Attraction will also be a place for the flower and plant sector's international supply and demand to meet each other.

Flower&Garden Attraction will benefit from the synergies with Fruit Attraction, although it will have its own identity and exhibition area, and be one of the top attractions at this tenth edition. Fruit Attraction’s usual visitor profile, made up of head buyers from the world’s supermarket chains, particularly those in Europe, will also be able to visit the event to see flowers and plants to offer their customers.
According to fair director Raul Calleja, “This is the right time and the right place for Flower&Garden Attraction. Participating companies can be sure of a good return on investment, thanks to Ifema’s significant outlay and the demand from high-quality, business-savvy international visitors. These are the steps to providing the market with a top-level professional event, and our obsession with customer service.  Reinvesting all the resources from Flower&Garden Attraction to ensure demand is our commitment to the sector”.
Flower&Garden Attraction will have two large exhibition areas: production and auxiliary industry. The exhibiting companies will include flower and plant growers, wholesalers and retailers; manufacturers and marketers of substrate, fertiliser, seeds, phytosanitary products, etc., and accessory suppliers. In terms of the visitor profile, the event is targeting a specialist cohort consisting of garden centres, wholesale suppliers, hypermarkets/supermarkets, do-it-yourself stores, florists, landscapers and decorators.
Flower&Garden Attraction will also have its own conference and programme of activities, at which attendees will learn about market trends, innovations and new products and services.
Spain. Live flower and plant exports grew by 11% in 2017
Spanish exports of live plants and flowers increased by 11% in 2017 compared to 2016, to a total of €362.7 million. There was a notable improvement in live plants, the sector's main export, up 11% to €303.1 million, according to figures published by the Directorate-General of Customs.

Export sales of live plants showed an improvement in outdoor plants, worth €116.3 million, while indoor plants were up 8% and worth €54.9 million. Tree and shrub exports rose by 24% to €50.4 million.

Cut flowers exports also rallied in 2017, climbing 4% over 2016 sales to a total of €40.3 million. This success was mainly due to healthy growth in rose sales, which were worth €9.7, 271% more than the previous year, while carnations, Spain’s leading cut flower export, were down by 43% to €11.2 million.

The sector’s other leading exports, bulbs and foliage, also did better in 2017 than in 2016, with bulbs up 44% to €4.5 million, and foliage by 19% to 14.7% million.

The Valencia Region and Andalusia are Spain’s leading live flower and plant exporting regions and have similar export figures: €87.9 for the Valencia Region, 12% up on 2016, and €86.1 million for Andalusia, the same as the previous year. They are followed by Catalonia, with €69.3 million, up by 12%. Castile and Leon sold €46.5 and achieved year-on-year growth of 23%, followed by Murcia with €20.5 million (-8%); the Canaries, with €10.1 million, also performed well (+16%).

The countries that import most of Spain’s live flowers and plants are France, the Netherlands, Portugal and Italy.  France is still the main destination market, but it only grew by 2% in 2017, a lower figure than other countries. Exports to the Netherlands increased to €54.1 million (+13%), while Spain sold €33.5 million worth of live plants and flowers to Portugal, and €30.9 million to Italy, an improvement of 22%.

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