Investment projects of Russian greenhouse industry

25 September 2019

For the last years commercial greenhouse vegetables farming in Russia has been gaining steam and demonstrating the following trends: the square of greenhouses expands, the output increases, the export grows, production capacities are updated. New investment projects on construction and modernisation of existing facilities attract attention of both local and foreign investors. Nevertheless, the greenhouse crops farming has not reached agricultural self-sufficiency, the data shows that the country is able to supply 85% of cucumbers and 45% of tomatoes from the demanded volumes. That reveals endless opportunities for the further development of the industry.
The team of analysts from Vostock Capital has prepared an analytics report featuring flagship investment projects of Russian greenhouse industry.

Among the projects:
Agrokultura Group: planting area - 80 ha, investment - 18 bn RUB, development plans: area expansion to 250 ha.
Agricultural complex Rodina: commissioning of vegetable facility – 5.2 ha in 2019; in long-term perspective the greenhouse area will reach 61 ha; total investment – over 3 bn RUB.
Agroindustrial company Kumir: planting area – 7.5 ha; development plans: investor intends to implement the 2nd phase of the project in the upcoming future. Total cost – over 2 bn RUB.
Greenhouse complex Elektrostalskiy: project on strawberry cultivation, planned area - 10 ha; estimated investment: 1 bn RUB, development timeframe: 2019 — 2020 and many other key investment projects of Russian greenhouse industry.

Download the analytics report for free

Please note that the analytics report was prepared prior to the 4th Annual International Investment Forum Greenhouse Complexes Russia and CIS 2019 (4-5 December, Moscow). The above-mentioned and other investment projects will be further discussed at the event.
The Forum is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation; industry partner: Greenhouses of Russia Association.
Gold Sponsors: Signify, Sananbio; Silver Sponsors: Green Automation Export, SVETOGOR; Bronze Sponsors: Royal Brinkman, Rijk Zwaan, Megaphoton.

Contacts: Elvira Sakhabutdinova, Project Director
+7 495 109 9 509

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