International Asparagus Days

2 October 2019

The International Asparagus Days is an international professional event to be held from 29th to 30th of October in the Parc des Exposition d'Angers, in France. This is the latest edition following the two previous ones in Cesena, Italy, in 2018 and in Le Barp, France, in 2013. This 2019 event featurs:
An exhibition area with specialised companies coming from all the world (Tuesday, October 29th - Wednesday, October 30th).
Conferences with round tables offering an up-to-date overview of agronomical, commercial and technological issues related to asparagus growing (Tuesday, October 29th - Wednesday, October 30th)
Indoor demonstrations in the exhibition venue (Tuesday, October 29th - Wednesday, October 30th)
Two technical visit routes either in Nouvelle Aquitaine or Val de Loire (Monday, October 28th and Thursday, October 31st).

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Protection of organic crops

3 December 2019
Arrigoni, the group specializing in the production protective screens for agriculture, is confirmed as an excellent ally for organic farming. The excellent results obtained following a test in the field for the control of flea beetles bear this out. Both SCIROCCO MD WHITE (windbreak and medium shading net, in flat weave HDPE monofilament) and BIOMAGLIA (light polyamide net, anti-insects and anti-frost) were tested, positioned on the crop immediately after sowing and kept until the harvest. »

ESSA Renews its Commitment to Engage with Authorities and Continue to Providing Quality Products

2 December 2019
Sprouted seeds constitute a wide variety of ready-to-eat food categories which are appreciated by consumers all over Europe. Following the EHEC crisis in 2011, the European Institutions and national competent authorities have been concerned about the microbiological risk of freshly consumed sprouts. Therefore, a number of sprout growers united and created ESSA in 2012 to establish a network »

New CIV Fuji apple variety

27 November 2019
The Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti (CIV) of San Giuseppe di Comacchio announces that it has recently obtained the Community Plant Variety Right (PVR) for the new clone of Fuji apples called FUCIV51pbr associated with the trademark SAN-CIV®. The new variety selected by the CIV breeders improves some of the Fuji characteristics, specially the colour. The fruit is bright red almost over the entire surface. The colour is uniform. »