1200 meetings during Fresh Market Conference

14 October 2019

This year's Fresh Market conference took place for the XIIth time in Poland. It may not present such a big scale as the biggest global events of a kind do, but it is the only one organized in accordance with the concept of merchant market. Its main goal is to arrange individual business talks between the producers and suppliers of fruits, vegetables or flowers and the merchants representing commercial networks.

During Fresh Market 2019 edition this goal was achieved with great success. The conference was held on the 3d of October in Ożarów Mazowiecki, where both Polish and worldwide operating producers and suppliers held over 1200 meetings with the representatives of 20 domestic, regional and international trade networks which altogether run 15166 shops. The providers of fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers, by having presented their offer to the commercial networks, got a unique
opportunity to establish new business relationships.

These connections might result in some beneficial contracts and in strengthening many companies’ positions, both in domestic and global trade of fresh products. This year’s conference saw the participation of the following Polish networks: ARCHELAN, CARREFOUR, DINO, FRAC, MAKRO, NASZ SKLEP, PGS, PIOTR i PAWEŁ, STOKROTKA and ŻABKA. Other present networks were Czech BILLA, Lithuanian MAXIMA, Moldavian LINELLA, Ukrainian TAVRIA-V and VARUS and Belarusian ALMI, EVROOPT, GIPPO, SANTA, SPAR and ALC. The meetings with Ukrainian and Belarusian networks were particularly significant as they presented a chance of entering these dynamically developing markets.

Fresh Market, however, means also an overview of innovative technological, manufacturing and marketing solutions as well as of those concerning consumer trends in global business. The conference participants could, among other things, get acquainted with the latest packing solutions in the food industry while their producers had a possibility to present their offers on their stands. The exhibition area arrangement left a lot of space to formal and informal meetings between the producers of fruits, vegetables, flowers and seeds and services-based businesses, including those specialized in import and export. As a result, all parties were given a chance to exchange a lot of information, views and opinions and to gain plenty of valuable contacts.
Like every year, during the conference the participants had an opportunity to attend lectures and discussion panels regarding current situation of Polish and global market of fruits and vegetables, not to mention the possibility of analyzing the challenges and prognoses of the upcoming season.
Those meetings were attended by the prominent Polish associations representing various market segments. The participants of the domestic panel were the following: Janusz Byliński (president of Warsaw Agri-Food Whosale Market Bronisze), Mirosław Łuska (president of Polish Pepper Producers Association), Wojciech Nowacki (president of Polish Potato Association) and Witold Boguta (president of National Producers of Fruits and Vegetables Association). They discussed challenges awaiting the field such as climate change, rising competition and relationships between the producers, commercial networks and processors.
The global panel saw the participation of the following representatives: Arkadiusz Gaik (president of ‘Fruit Union’ Association), Janusz Andziak (Strawberry Growers Association), Ireneusz Komorowski (Blueberry Growers Association) and Marek Słowiński (editor of fresh-market.pl).
Their main focus was the future of the export of Polish fruits and vegetables, especially in the face of a prolonged trade conflict with Russia and the necessity to find new outlets for Polish products.
Additionally, the winner of the XIIth edition of ‘Fresh Market Award 2019’ was solemnly announced.
The award aims at promoting the most innovative products and services of the year. The title went to the company HAZERA POLAND, which was distinguished for its premium class raspberry lyanna tomato ROSAMUNDA characterized by an exceptional coeur du boeuf taste and recommended for a trade production in greenhouses. Its taste also brings to mind the tomatoes eaten ‘back in the days; it was also praised for its intense gloss and deep structure.
Soon afterwards an informal Cocktail Dinner Party started. The participants, accompanied by the sound of the piano and delicious food, continued their business talks and kept on establishing new contacts.
The organizers made a lot of effort in providing excellent conditions so that the participants could focus exclusively on business purposes. All guests were invited to enjoy the breakfast buffet, lunch and hot and cold beverages. During the event they were offered a constant support of the Matchmaker, who helped them make appointments and find the right stands.
Fresh Market conference gave many producers and exporters of fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers an opportunity to start a collaboration with commercial networks and field-related companies. For this reason, the event will undoubtedly have a beneficial impact on their companies’ turnover.

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