At the Antwerp international strawberry congress, CIV stars with the Murano variety

21 September 2017
The international Strawberry Congress – where CIV was a Gold Sponsor – is wholly dedicated to strawberries and is organised by Coöperatie Hoogstraten cv which produces over 30,000 tons/year of strawberries. For three days, industry representatives from all over the world gathered to take stock of strawberries worldwide. CIV , with the Junior breeder, Carmen Leida, also presented their own Poster on the technical aspects of Murano* strawberry farming, one of the leading varieties in the British market, and which today is particularly popular in the Netherlands, Belgium and Scandinavia as well, especially thanks to its distinctive organoleptic qualities and its high productivity. “The Murano* variety”, said Dr Leida, “shows good adaptability to a variety of environments and is in high demand by the market. Field data and observations gathered by farmers here and there around Europe, on top of the tests run in various research centres (e.g. PCH, the Research Centre in Hoogstraten), not only confirm Murano’s versatility and flexibility, they also highlight how various farming systems in combination with the type of plant, allow producers to plan harvest well in advance. Murano* is our flagship product in the everbearer category, and it has become a benchmark variety due to the quality of the fruit in one of the major English supermarkets”.
With Murano* and Capri* among the most popular everbearers in Northern Europe; the Clery* strawberry leading the early segment in France/Germany/Eastern Europe and Canada; Joly* highly popular in Belgium; and the very recent Flavia* and Flaminia* in Spain, Italy and Greece—all confirm the solid performance of the CIV patented varieties from both an agronomic and a commercial standpoint. The proof is in the excellent harvests and successes throughout Europe. “CIV's primary objective”, stresses on the Chairman of CIV, Pier Filippo Tagliani, “increasingly lies in focussing our research towards developing environmentally sustainable strawberry varietals of the highest quality, to satisfy every player in the supply chain, from the producer to the end user, at an international level”.

At Asia Fruit Logistica 2017, CIV brought the latest in apple and pear trees, and strawberries with improved features, including eco-sustainability and low environmental impact. CIV’s innovations have been met with great interest from attendees of the China fair, which is the Asian landmark event dedicated to the fruit and vegetable sector, and constitutes a privileged access point to the Asian market, as well as an important forum for exchanging ideas and forging contacts with key international players. At the fair, CIV top managers (new General Manager Eugenio Bolognesi and Variety Manager Marco Bertolazzi) met many international players in the field for a valuable update on current and/or future project collaborations (nursery/production/trade) on a global scale. CIV also took the opportunity to meet their Licensees Modi® International, Northern (i.e.: Europe and Turkey) and Southern hemispheres (Australia and New Zealand) for an update on the 2017/2018 Campaign, and a strategic and operational coordination for the CIvg198*/Modi® club variety in the Asian market, and the Indian market in particular.
Eugenio Bolognesi, CIV General Manager, summed up: “Asia Fruit Logistica confirmed our expectations and opened new and interesting opportunities for development in the Asian market. We received confirmation that the Research & Development programme at CIV is moving in the right direction. The goals we have always aimed towards (natural hardiness and vigour of the plants; good adaptability to both integrated production and organic cultivation, as well as, obviously, conventional cultivation; low environmental impact thanks to tolerance to diseases and low water and feed requirements; top quality fruit with a distinctive flavour, and optimal consistency and shelf-life characteristics) are increasingly appreciated by the market, and we will continue to base our varietal innovation upon these guidelines”


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