Macfrut in the field, the great new feature of the 2017 edition

24 January 2017
Macfrut will “take the field" to showcase the most advanced technology in the sector. One of the great new features of the 2017 edition will be Macfrut in the field, a large area in the pavilions of the Rimini Expo Centre featuring a real crop field with agricultural machinery in action.

"This true innovation is set to make Macfrut stand out among other fruit and vegetable trade fairs,” explains Renzo Piraccini, President of Cesena Fiera.“We will have an area equipped as in the countryside, where cutting-edge technology applied in fields, especially for horticulture (seeders, transplanters, harvesters, etc.), can be seen in action. Italy is a world leader in this sector and Macfrut is the perfect showcase to promote it."

From 10 to 12 May, a test field will be set up in the pavilions of the Rimini Expo Centre covering an area of 35x20 metres and about 70 centimetres deep. This large area, measuring more than 700 sq. m., will feature the most advanced agricultural machinery in the horticulture sector with live machining demonstrations, as well as new drone technology, which were first introduced in last year’s edition.

It will therefore be a “trade fair within a trade fair”, where the evolution of cutting-edge field technology can be tested first-hand in the presence of international buyers.
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Elena Vincenzi and Alice Camellini
International press office Macfrut c/o Fruitecom

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