Freskon, 21-23.4.2016, Thessaloniki, Greece

31 March 2016

Interview - Freskon, the International Fresh Fruits & Vegetables fair, 21-23.4.2016, Thessaloniki, Greece

A few weeks before the greatest event in the SE Europe concerning the fresh fruits and vegetables sector, the 2nd organization of Freskon, we met the project manager of the fair, Ms. Tonia Nikolaidou who explained to us what the “freshest” fair of the year is all about!
Freskon, although it counts just one previous organization, is a point of reference for the fresh fruits and vegetables sector. Tell us a few words for this year’s 2nd organization.
Freskon, the International Fresh Fruit & Vegetables trade show is taking place for the second time in April 21-23 of 2016 at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition & Conference Center and without doubt, it is the greatest commercial event in SE Europe.
More specifically, the fair aims at the successful trade of the fresh fruits and vegetables of the overall area towards the global market and vice versa.
The results of the 1st Freskon, quality and quantity speaking, have pointed out the role that Freskon wishes to play, as the strategic connection between the Greek fresh fruits and vegetables production and the international markets, big foreign retailers and transnational distribution networks. The first organization showed in the best way, the great potentials of Freskon which, after the precious experience of the first organization, moves to the next one with a 40% increase concerning the exhibitors and square meters occupied numbers.
Which is the target group of Freskon?
The show brings together all decision makers of the sector. Main categories of professionals who will visit Freskon are the following: fruits and vegetables wholesalers, fruits importers & exporters and retailers. Also, significant supermarket chains from Greece and abroad will be present together with agriculturists and producers. Finally, all professionals who are related to the packaging and logistics sectors.
Which are the reasons why a professional of the sector in Greece and abroad should visit Freskon?
During Freskon, both visitors and exhibitors will have the chance to have trade agreements with the most significant fresh fruits and vegetables dealers from Europe, Middle East and Asia.
Our country joins important advantages when compared to other EU countries, thanks to the existing climate conditions, it is known for the quality of the primary production while it is included among the safest EU countries concerning the exceedances in pesticide residues of fruits and vegetables.
Common denominator for both visitor types is that in Freskon they will have the opportunity to come in contact with important companies that deal with production, distribution or show export activity.
As far as the Greek professionals are concerned, he will be able to meet Greek companies which operate mainly abroad and in this way, he will have the chance to broaden his own field of activity as well.
On the other hand, the foreign professionals will get to know one of the most dynamic Greek fields and it is very likely that they will have some really important agreements, especially if we consider that the Greek entrepreneurship of the sector shows mainly extroverted activity while know-how, experience and quality are clearly of high level.
During Freskon, special attention is paid to the “FRESKON HOSTED BUYERS” program. Why is this program of such significance?
During the "FRESKON HOSTED BUYERS" program, over 200 buyers are expected from more than 30 countries.
More thoroughly, there will be hosted buyers from Europe, Balkans, Russia, Ukraine, Asiatic countries, UAE.
The “1st International Conference for Green Vegetables and Asparagus” is one of “aces” for this year’s organization. Which are the reasons why you encourage the professionals of the sector to participate in the specific conference?
The 1st conference on Green Vegetables and Asparagus (22&23/4) which is organized in cooperation with FROUTONEA magazine, aspires to educate all Greek producers concerning the modern trends in green vegetables and asparagus, the importance of packaging, the innovative forms of cultivation, the consumers' requirements as well as the products that seem they have a sound future. For this purpose, organizers’ main goal is the attendance of the largest possible number of European countries. More specifically, they go for countries of great distinction in green vegetables production, packaging and delivery sectors such as Italy, France and Netherlands.
Greece, thanks to both climate and soil, is able to produce a wide range of green vegetables throughout the year. Consequently, it is included among the notable European forces concerning the specific products.
The speakers of the conference are top scientists and analysts from the most pioneering European countries in green vegetables cultivation. The conference which is separated in 5 thematics by the Vegetables Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, is a very good opportunity for both exhibitors and visitors of the trade show to be informed on the potentials of Greece in this product category as well as to meet all remarkable producers of green vegetables in our country.
Nevertheless, the organization of the FreshCon Market program (supermarkets b2b point) is equally important. Tell us about the new business opportunities that the specific section of the fair provides.
"FreshCon Market" (22&23/4) aims at becoming the business event of the year. Under the organization of TIF-HELEXPO and with the strategic support of FROUTONEA magazine, it wishes to directly connect the big supermarket chains, which control a significant part of the distribution network, with the professional of the agricultural sector thus providing the preconditions for direct deals. At this point, it worth mentioning that the greatest supermarket chains in Balkans (Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine, Croatia) will be present.
Goal of the FreshCon Market is the supermarket chains attendance of the previous organization together with new entries from many countries of Europe and the Balkans especially. As it seems, this goal is accomplished given that the following participations from the foreign markets have been arranged: UKRAINE: ΑTB MARKET, FYROM: ZITO MARKETI, ROMANIA: PROFI / SELGROS CASH & CARRY/ CARREFOUR/ MEGA IMAGE, SERBIA: AMAN COMPANY / MERCATOR/ DELHAIZE SERBIA, BULGARIA: FANTASTICO/ T-MARKET, GLOBAL:  TESCO.

So, let’s all meet at Freskon, April 21-23/4/2016 at the Thessaloniki  International Exhibition & Conference Center.
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