FRESHFEL presentation on apple and pears in Netherlands

10 February 2016
Daphne van Doorn gave a presentation at a meeting of the NFO (Dutch Fruit growers’ Organisation) at the Expo in Houten, the Netherlands. The presentation of Freshfel (with WAPA) focused on the production, trade and consumption of apples and pears. The production trends for example included trends of new varieties. In apple production the club varieties are going up and for pears the Conference are clearly going up as well. For trade there still is a clear effect of the Russian embargo (which in 2013 was 52 and 57% of the EU exports for apples and pears respectively). However, new markets are already openend and also expected for 2016. Consumption is still decreasing, although the campaigns for apples and pears after the Russian embargo seem to pay off quite well and created an increase in consumption. As such, targeted promotion campaigns are having a clear effect. The presentation ended with an overview of the trade flows and new market developments, where a clear interest in Middle East, Asia and South America is seen for opening new markets.

Press release: FRESHFEL EUROPE

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