In Cairo, Macfrut launches three proposals

10 May 2016

Firstly, it re-launches Mac Fruit Attraction, expanding the project to another two strategic areas for the sector: South America and Asia.
Secondly, it confirms itself as a driving force for developing the entire supply chain as part of the internationalisation process.
Finally, it sends a message to European and international institutions: the fruit and vegetable sector can significantly contribute to the development of African countries and of the Middle East. Specifically, it can improve the living conditions of its inhabitants, thus reducing migration flows to Europe. If Italian companies in the supply chain cooperate, they can play a key role in this process. Many countries in this area have now become important markets for European and Italian fruit and vegetable produce. "This is all supported by data," says Renzo Piraccini, President of Cesena Fiera. "The improvements made in the cultivation, storage and processing techniques of agricultural products, especially fruit and vegetables, are the quickest and perhaps safest way of developing the economy of African countries, creating new jobs and improving the living conditions of its inhabitants and, as a result, reducing migration flows to Europe."

Mac Fruit Attraction broadens the horizon
“The Mac Fruit Attraction project, with Feria de Madrid, focuses on three development areas," says Renzo Piraccini, "namely, North Africa, South America and Asia. After this first edition, the attention will likely turn to the other two areas of the world, always in collaboration with a partner linked to the local area in order to promote and organise the event, as in this case with IFP."
Raul Calleja, President of Feria de Madrid, also agrees to follow this path: "We had considered implementing an international platform for the fruit and vegetable sector for a long time, and we have managed to do it with Macfrut. Today, we need to have a global view of the industry, and Mac Fruit Attraction is heading in this direction."

Macfrut as a driving force for the fruit and vegetable supply chain
Macfrut’s involvement in the event in Cairo was an opportunity also to reassert its role in supporting the internationalisation of this sector. "Our aim is to become a supply chain tool, so that we can organise trade fairs abroad," Renzo Piraccini continues. "In view of our participation in other international events, we want to become a means for coordinating our presence along with that of other companies in this sector."

Macfrut foreign press office c/o Fruitecom

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