Tree nurseries and public green: introduce predatory mites against spider mite

29 May 2016

Tree nursery growers should now prepare to avoid infestation with spider mites. They can count on two species of predatory mites for an efficient biocontrol strategy. These Biobest beneficials are very useful also in public green.

When temperatures start rising, pests become more active. That definitely applies to spider mite. “It’s difficult to predict when exactly the first spider mites will appear on the leaves of young trees”, says John Van Eijk, advisor at Biobest Nederland. “In greenhouses, spider mites may already be active now, but outdoor growers have a little more time to take action.”

“It is perfectly possible to achieve excellent control of spider mite with biological solutions. We particularly recommend Amblyseius andersoni.” says John. “This predatory mite in the Biobest product range can establish even in the absence of spider mites; since it is able to feed on pollen or other pests. Hence Amblyseius andersoni can be introduced preventatively. Growers can already introduce A. andersoni in young trees now. An additional advantage: andersoni will also feed on thrips.”

What if spider mite is already present in the tree-nursery? John: “In that case, it is better to use another solution. Phytoseiulus persimilis, often just called Phyto, is very efficient against spider mite (for example: two spotted spider mite) but should be used only curatively. Without spider mite, this beneficial cannot survive. In some situations, we also recommend the combined use of andersoni and Phyto.”

Also in public green, these Biobest beneficials are an ideal solution for spider mite control. “Public administrations insist that the maintenance of public green is done with minimal use of chemicals. New legislation is also pushing in this direction.” says John. “We are pleased with the growing interest in the use of our predatory mites and are always happy to provide tailor-made advice.”

Press release: Biobest Belgium NV

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