Inclement weather reduced production in Argentina

19 August 2014

TUCUMÁN – 19 AUGUST 2014 – ALL LEMON, the quality seal for exported lemons from Argentina, is now entering the final weeks of its 2014 season which has been characterised by less volume than 2013. Despite the downturn, fruit quality has been superior and, as a result, arrivals have been well received by clients across the world.
“Exports in 2014 will fall by over 45% in comparison to 2013, mainly as a result of the severe winter frosts in 2013 which hit the groves in Tucumán, followed by an intense drought in spring which lasted until the middle of summer,” explains Romain Corneille, president of ALL LEMON.
“In total, approximately 145,000 tonnes of lemons will be exported in 2014. We have taken the greatest of care to deliver the best product to all of the markets that we have taken the effort to develop in recent years.
“Through a continued emphasis on quality, ALL LEMON has managed to attract many new customers, especially in emerging and very demanding markets, such as the Middle East and Asia, which, in turn, has stimulated demand for lemons,” Corneille continues.
“Given the fall in production, this positive development put pressure on suppliers to meet the demand, but we are confident that next season will be more normal and that everyone will be able to enjoy our lemons.”
This year ALL LEMON monitored quality levels on a daily basis at the 18 packhouses used by its 16 member companies. During peak production period some 50,000 units of lemons were carefully checked each week to ensure that only the very best fruit was shipped to the most demanding markets.
“We are proud and happy that the quality of our fruit was very good and consistent throughout the entire season,” comments Corneille.
The 16 companies certified by ALL LEMON include: Argenti Lemon, Cauquén, Cecilia Martínez Zuccardi, Citromax, Citrusvil, Expofrut Argentina-Univeg, F.G.F. Trapani, Frutucumán, Juan Sigstad SRL, La Moraleja SA, La Patria SRL, Latin Lemon, Ledesma, Moño Azul, Pablo Padilla and San Miguel.

ALL LEMON plans promotion:

ALL LEMON is now developing one if its most ambitious plans to date – a promotional campaign that will encourage greater consumption of lemons worldwide via an initiative that is aimed for the first time at the end consumer.

“We wish to inform consumers about the great nutritional value of lemons and their enormous health benefits so that consumers know about the many ways that the fruit can be used and incorporated into their daily diet throughout the year,” reveals Corneille.

“We want to help people to improve their quality of life by introducing them to a product that does not incur waste nor negative health implications.”

The campaign will take place towards the end of the 2014. Through several interactive initiatives on the web and via social media ALL LEMON will highlight the ways in which lemons can be used on a daily basis as well as the broad potential of lemons in all their forms. The activities will then continue on a year-round basis.

ALL LEMON achieves ISO 9001-2008

ALL LEMON is also proud to announce that on Tuesday 12 August it successfully passed the audit carried out by SGS International for ISO 9001-2008 certification. Only a few formalities remain before the final certification is obtained which will then state that the Chamber of Citrus Exporters (the owners of the quality seal ALL LEMON) has achieved the “Evaluation of Citrus Fruit awarding the ALL LEMON seal with ISO 9001-2008 certification”.

“We are very pleased to have obtained this certification and we did not want to let this opportunity pass by to share the news of this great achievement with our clients and friends,” states Corneille.

“This great moment demonstrates the commitment and professional approach that ALL LEMON has taken to assuring our clients that our lemons are produced to the very highest standards.”

About ALL LEMON – Tested & Certified for Export

ALL LEMON – Tested & Certified for Export is the quality seal for Argentinean lemon exports that was created in 2010 by the main lemon producers, packers and exporters in the country, especially those from the province of Tucumán which ranks as the leading lemon production area in the world.

The aim of ALL LEMON is to standardise and homogenise the quality of exported lemons from Argentina. To achieve this, a protocol was created and designed which outlines the determined parameters that must be met when selecting lemons for export.

This protocol was established by independent bodies with experience in the Food Division of the Secretariat for Food and Agriculture in Tucumán and by the Ministry for Productive Development in Tucumán. A team of independent professionals carry out detailed controls five times per week at every packhouse involved in the scheme.

The main attributes that make ALL LEMON-certified fruit so special include: safety, traceability, long shelf-life, high juice content and a strong cosmetic appearance.
All audited companies also comply with international certifications for quality, including GlobalGAP, among others.

As an organisation, ALL LEMON is open for membership to other Argentinean exporters who wish to use the quality seal.
Within the promotional activities planned for 2014, ALL LEMON will exhibit at two of the largest fresh fruit trade fairs in September: Asia Fruit Logistica (Hong Kong) and World Food Moscow (Russia).

ALL LEMON will also be represented by its members at the PMA Fresh Summit (USA – Anaheim) and Fruit Attraction (Spain – Madrid).

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