Want effective pest control in tomato? Start with effective monitoring

6 March 2015

“Whitefly is the number one problem in glasshouse tomato production in Western Europe,” says Wesley Akkermans, Sustainable Crop Management Specialist at Biobest. “Whitefly populations should be accurately monitored from the very start of the crop cycle using traps. Our Bug-Scan yellow sticky traps in the tomato crop offer the perfect solution to support effective monitoring. In addition to whiteflies, these non-toxic traps will also detect a number of other pest insects.”The tomato leafminer (Tuta absoluta) is another serious enemy. This moth is a permanent threat in tomato crops and can be monitored and caught using the Tutasan watertrap. Biobest recommends this trap combined with pheromone dispensers to lure the insects. Wesley points out that the Tutasan trap mainly attracts the males. He recommends growers to combine the use of the trap with black sticky traps. These traps will catch both males and females.Finally, as to caterpillars, Wesley recommends growers to use Delta or Funnel traps. “Both traps using pheromones will attract the male moths (the adults of the caterpillars). Biobest has a broad range of specific pheromones for different caterpillar and looper species.”
For further details, contact your regional Biobest advisor.

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Frozen Food Day: Anuga Frozen Food with innovative frozen products and new trends

5 March 2021
Shock-frozen food is still very popular with the consumers – convenience and plant-based products gain in significance. 6 March 2021 is Frozen Food Day. Frozen food was born 91 years ago in ten food stores of the small city Springfield in the US State of Massachusetts. It was possible to purchase frozen food such as vegetables, fruit and fish here for the first time. The trick implemented here was so-called shock-freezing, which is still the gentlest method of conservation today, because it completely does without preservatives. »

Emsur Group obtains ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates at all of its plants

5 March 2021
Emsur has successfully completed the ISO 9001 and 14001 audits on its quality management and environmental management systems. The Group further strengthens its commitment to operational excellence and sustainability. With these two certifications EMSUR ratifies its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection as well as to the promotion of a culture of quality and safety excellence. »

Demand for Kissabel apples continues to outstrip supply

4 March 2021
As recent plantings across Europe result in higher volumes of the exciting new apple varieties, suppliers report strong commercial interest and predict bright future for the brand. Kissabel®, an innovative series of apple varieties with red or pink flesh, offers an increasing number of European buyers a great chance to boost their sales. That’s a view shared by some of the continent’s leading suppliers, who are now reporting levels of commercial demand that are far above the available supply. »