Interpoma 2018 – innovation takes center stage

11 February 2018

From November 15 to 17, Bolzano will once again become the apple capital of the world, as more than 20,000 professionals from all over the world descend on the city to find out the latest news from the sector. In the last few years, Interpoma, the international trade show on apple production, storage and marketing, has pursued innovation as its main theme, becoming the key event for finding out about the development of new ideas in the apple production sector. 2018 will be no different: numerous initiatives have already been planned and are in the
pipeline for the 11th Interpoma, in addition to those already scheduled for the three-day event in November.

Interpoma Innovation Camp, a space for innovative ideas
The Interpoma Innovation Camp launched at Interpoma 2016; its second act was staged last November at the Agrialp event, also held at Fiera Bolzano. An entire day dedicated to the presentation of innovations in the apple production sector by startups from Italy and elsewhere, and an international panel of judges consisting of journalists and sector experts were the ingredients of Interpoma Innovation Camp 2017, which saw the Italian startup Perfrutto Horticultural Knowledge crowned the winner. Perfrutto is the most advanced forecasting system for harvest optimization, which can supply forecasting data to help growers optimize irrigation,
pruning and pollination. It processes data collected in the field, especially the size of fruit, using Calibit, a digital caliper equipped with a datalogger, a high-tech service used in apple, pear and kiwi orchards. It was born from a forecasting algorithm designed and developed during 30 years of
academic research.

China: what opportunities? Second Interpoma China to be held in June
Producing 43.8 million tonnes of apples in the 2016/2017 season from 2.32 million hectares of cultivated land, China is the world's largest apple producer. The Shandong Peninsula is the main production area but, despite this fact, more than 90% of apple orchards on the peninsula have no protection system against birds, frost or hail, fewer than 20% have fertilization systems and mechanization levels are below 30%. The Asian giant thus represents a huge opportunity for the
European apple production sector, and this is why Fiera Bolzano put on the first Interpoma China Congress & Exhibition at the Weihai International Exhibition & Conference Center in Shandong in 2017. It attracted 2,000 visitors and 70 exhibitors from China, Belgium, Chile, Korea and the Netherlands who wanted to take part in the event and congress. On the basis of this success, the event will be back for its second year from June 27 to 29 2018, at the same location.

Interpoma Technology Award 2018 and BZ loves apples

Interpoma has invested heavily in the duo of innovation and technology in the last few years to make space for young people and new ideas to emerge and make their contribution to the development of the apple production sector. The Interpoma Technology Award, one of the major new features of the 2018 event, is part of this drive. Organized by Fiera Bolzano in collaboration with the Free University of Bolzano's Science and Technology Faculty and the Italian Society for Horticultural Science (Società Ortoflorofrutticoltura Italiana, SOI), the Award aims to promote the most innovative technology and equipment - on show at the event - with the biggest impact on production techniques, the protection of apple crops and the post-harvest processing of apples.
The link with the city of Bolzano will be renewed at Interpoma 2018 by a fringe event on apples. “BZ loves apples” is an initiative launched during the previous Interpoma, and this year it will provide a series of activities organized outside the trade fair to involve tourists and local residents in applethemed event days, with tastings, show cooking, excursions into the countryside around Bolzano to find out where South Tyrolean apples come from and are grown, and much more.

Key figures for Interpoma 2016

At Interpoma 2016, 460 companies from 24 countries (America, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, England, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Ireland, Korea, Slovenia, Portugal and Serbia) exhibited in a show area of 25,000 m². The event welcomed 20,000 visitors from 70 different countries, including international buyers and 150 journalists from all over the world.

Interpoma Press Office c/o fruitecom

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International Congress & Exhibition Successfully Concluded in Weihai, Shandong

3 July 2018
The 2nd INTERPOMA CHINA International Congress & Exhibition was successfully held from June 28-29, 2018 in Weihai, Shandong Province. During the two trade show days, 1000 professionals, including researchers, experts and renowned companies, visited Interpoma China, and 650 delegates participated in the Congress, which featured a series of speakers from China and overseas on the topics of apple cultivation, storage and marketing. Two tours have been organized to showcase the fast development of modern orchards in Weihai with the support of the local government authorities. »


29 June 2018
INTERPOMA CHINA 2018 International Congress & Exhibition unveiled on June 28, 2018 at Weihai International Exhibition & Conference Center in Shandong Province, is the second edition of the show after its debut in China one year ago. With the support from the parent Italian Interpoma Trade Show, this exhibition focuses on the cultivation, storage, and market of the apple industry. “China and the apple in the world”, the international congress of Interpoma China, is also held concurrently and includes several keynote speeches and technical seminars - delivering professional and technical apple industry information and promoting the modernization of apple growing in China. »

A focus on organic apple growing at the Interpoma Congress

28 June 2018
The first part of the second day of the traditional “The Apple in the World” congress, held at Interpoma on 15 and 16 November, will be devoted to the future of organic production. Fritz Prem from the Europäische Bioobst Forum offers us an interesting preview. “Sustainability in Apple Production: Organic and Integrated Production” is the title of the morning session of “The Apple in the World” on November 16. This biennial international congress is held during Interpoma, the only international event devoted solely to apples, which will be taking place at Fiera Bolzano from November 15‒17 this year. »