Exhibitor Comments on the Fruchtwelt Bodensee 2018

8 March 2018

Eugen Setz, Director of Obst vom Bodensee Marketinggesellschaft fruit marketing cooperative:
“The Fruchtwelt Bodensee has truly caught on in Europe. Our communications stand was visited by large number of visitors from other parts of Europe, including South Tyrol, Luxembourg and Switzerland. The discussions have shown that the quality of exhibitors in the services and technology fields is considered to be very high and that the show as a whole is regarded as outstanding. We have been able to establish an ideal tie-in between the show and the Lake Constance Fruit Cultivation Days. The topics addressed in the lectures really hit a nerve.  We have been successful making people aware of the advantages of the cooperative marketing philosophy: Cooperatives are the better way to advance economic development in the field of fruit growing.”

Dr. Manfred Büchele, Director of the competence center Kompetenzzentrum Obstbau-Bodensee:
“The Fruchtwelt Bodensee is a very fine, interesting show. Here you really get the resources to help you increase production in a concentrated form. It was very gratifying to hear that the state is giving the growers some assistance, something that certainly contributed to the positive course of the show. We had a good number of visitors at our stand and the mood was cautiously optimistic. From a scientific perspective, our presentations, such as those on the spotted wing drosophila,  were well attended. That shows that the pressure is there, pressure to do something about it. There is growing awareness of the fact that everyone around Lake Constance faces the same challenges and that we are taking on practical projects in a mutual, cross-border way.”

Claudia Metzler, Chairwoman of the South Württemberg/Hohenzollern Association of micro-distilleries and fruit distilleries:
“The Fruchtwelt Bodensee has become a true meeting place for distillers in the German-speaking world. Dealers and manufacturers of all of the leading brands in the distilling industry are represented here, which also attracts visitors from far and wide. Our stand had a lot of visitors and we were able to make a lot of new contacts. The strong attendance at our seminars and lectures was also a pleasant surprise.

Cornelia Föhr, Director of the Tettnang County Farmer’s Association:
“Many members have sought us out here at the show. The Fruchtwelt Bodensee is a huge meeting with so many opportunities to make contacts and strengthen existing ones. We would have liked it if interest in our political lectures had been stronger and think it’s a shame that only a few people took advantage of the opportunity to have a discussion.” 

Emil Walser, Customer Consultant, Waldis Swiss, Switzerland:
“The Fruchtwelt Bodensee is important for us. It is our most important trade show and we are pleased with how it went. For us, it is the perfect platform, because it appeals to exactly the clientele that buys our irrigation and cultivation system. Customers came here in bunches and there were good discussions. For us, cultivating contacts and making sales is the priority here.”

Harald Baumgart, Managing Director of the Executive Board of INDEGA, the advocacy group for the German garden industry:
“As a location, Friedrichshafen draws from a huge area right at the center of the largest fruit producing regions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Fruchtwelt Bodensee has established itself and absolutely deserves its status, because its range in the area of specialization is extensive and complete. We are here with five member companies and are completely satisfied, our expectations have been met. We will most likely be back here in two years, even more member companies have expressed their interest in being part of the Fruchtwelt Bodensee.”

Doris Rossi, Fischer GmbH, Italy:
“Unfortunately, the response has not been as great as two years ago,  We had expected more for us out of the Fruchtwelt Bodensee, above all because a trade show involves a lot of work and expense. But nevertheless, we have had good feedback from our customers and have been able to make new contacts.”

Bert Voskuilen, Sales Consultant, Hillebrand B.V. tree nursery, the Netherlands:
“Our expectations have all been confirmed. We have been able to make good contacts and have had inquiries for this season and next season as well. The show was entirely positive for us. For us, the Fruchtwelt Bodensee offers an opportunity to do some direct advertising. You know the people, you can have an exchange of views, and everything is very friendly.”

Ester Payer, Sales, Stüwer Automaten vending machines:
“We are all extremely happy and overwhelmed by the interest shown by our customers and visitors. This year is our first time at the Fruchtwelt Bodensee, we are very satisfied and will certainly come back.”

Bettina Kaltenthaler, Owner, Kaltenthaler organic wine and vinegar producers:
“The Fruchtwelt Bodensee is important to us, because a lot of fruit growing customers get together here. We come from the Rhine-Hesse region and here we have the opportunity to talk to our fruit growing clientele.  The feedback was good and we are quite satisfied. The quality of the visitors was very satisfactory, especially on the Saturday of the show.”

Thomas Sauerbrey, Owner, Mobili ecological shop fittings:
“We are exhibiting here for the first time and our basic expectations have unfortunately not been met. The show could eventually become very important for us. However, for that, we would have to reach more appropriate customer groups, in order to utilize the potential of the region.”

Kai Wanner, Hans Wanner GmbH:
“We are very satisfied with this year’s show, the specialist audience that we appeal to was very well represented here. We have noticed that the Fruchtwelt Bodensee keeps getting more and more international, there are especially a lot of visitors from Switzerland and South Tyrol.”

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