Fresh-cut products in the limelight at Macfrut

5 May 2018

This market is becoming increasingly important for the Italian fruit and vegetable industry, so much so that the sales volume in Italy approached €1 billion, mostly concerning salads sold through large-scale retail channels. However, in the last few years, the sales volume of other channels has also grown, especially with regard to companies operating in the community catering sector and, more generally, in the Horeca sector.

These products will have a pivotal role at Macfrut (9-11 May at the Rimini Expo Centre), to be attended by major producers in the fresh-cut produce industry. In addition, at the exhibition centre, a 400-square metre greenhouse will be installed in order to showcase cutting-edge vegetable harvesting technology developed specifically for this segment. There will also be an international conference coordinated by Giancarlo Colelli, professor at the University of Foggia, on fake news in the fresh-cut produce sector, which is now an important topic in the age of social media. Moreover, during the Macfrut Innovation Award ceremony, a special prize is dedicated to innovation and a gold medal has been awarded to the Annatura line for ready-to-eat products.

‘The world of fresh-cut products is constantly evolving,’ Renzo Piraccini, President of Macfrut, explains. ‘Just think of all the novelty vegetables, for example the introduction of baby leaves, Brassicaceae with colourful inflorescences, microgreens and many fresh, processed vegetable-based products. This is why Macfrut is a key event featuring many initiatives dedicated to this segment: a conference, a large greenhouse with the recent innovations in cultivation technology, and the participation of leading companies in the sector.’

On Wednesday, 9 May at 2.30pm, Giancarlo Colelli, an expert in the field and coordinator of the conference “Fresh-cut products: Scientific approach vs. Fake news”, will focus on new products and formats in the fresh-cut segment. ‘The ready-to-use fruit market is growing, with the key products being apples and grapes, followed by (or together with) melon, pineapple and other tropical fruits. Loose pomegranate seeds are now becoming popular and, given the number of companies heading in this direction, we can expect to find this product on the market in the near future. In recent years, fresh ready-made soups, which are ready to be heated and consumed (with a variety of recipes ranging from traditional to seasonal), have been the main product on the market, along with fresh juices or vegetable 'extracts', which are not heat-treated, with many variations available, also mixed with fruits. Ready-to-use fruit and vegetables: quality, selection, service and well-being.’

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International Congress & Exhibition Successfully Concluded in Weihai, Shandong

3 July 2018
The 2nd INTERPOMA CHINA International Congress & Exhibition was successfully held from June 28-29, 2018 in Weihai, Shandong Province. During the two trade show days, 1000 professionals, including researchers, experts and renowned companies, visited Interpoma China, and 650 delegates participated in the Congress, which featured a series of speakers from China and overseas on the topics of apple cultivation, storage and marketing. Two tours have been organized to showcase the fast development of modern orchards in Weihai with the support of the local government authorities. »


29 June 2018
INTERPOMA CHINA 2018 International Congress & Exhibition unveiled on June 28, 2018 at Weihai International Exhibition & Conference Center in Shandong Province, is the second edition of the show after its debut in China one year ago. With the support from the parent Italian Interpoma Trade Show, this exhibition focuses on the cultivation, storage, and market of the apple industry. “China and the apple in the world”, the international congress of Interpoma China, is also held concurrently and includes several keynote speeches and technical seminars - delivering professional and technical apple industry information and promoting the modernization of apple growing in China. »

A focus on organic apple growing at the Interpoma Congress

28 June 2018
The first part of the second day of the traditional “The Apple in the World” congress, held at Interpoma on 15 and 16 November, will be devoted to the future of organic production. Fritz Prem from the Europäische Bioobst Forum offers us an interesting preview. “Sustainability in Apple Production: Organic and Integrated Production” is the title of the morning session of “The Apple in the World” on November 16. This biennial international congress is held during Interpoma, the only international event devoted solely to apples, which will be taking place at Fiera Bolzano from November 15‒17 this year. »