Conference on packaging sustainability

6 February 2020
The international conference Packaging Speaks Green, an in-depth analysis of global trends in sustainability in the packaging industry, will be held in the Fico food park in Bologna on 20 and 21 February 2020.

Major international speakers will discuss three main themes: consumption trends and legislation, retailers and brand owners, materials and technologies.
Among the companies taking the stage will be Nomisma and Nielsen, who will illustrate consumption trends and the challenges facing FMCG companies and their supply chain, Amazon, Coop and Procter&Gamble who will discuss their sustainability strategies, and some of the most innovative materials producer companies: Novamont, Amcor, BillerudKorsn, NatureWorks and Brasken. Completing the picture will be Terracycle, a leading player in the recycling industry.

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