The award ceremony will take place on 25 October at the Fruit Attraction 2018 international trade fair

24 September 2018

Fruit Attraction 2018 invites entries for the ACCELERA Awards for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
• Aimed at companies participating in the Fair that present an innovative product or service that has been on the market since 1 September 2017

• The awards have become a key event in support of the sector's commitment to entrepreneurship

• All products and services presented and accepted will be displayed in the INNOVATION HUB area
• A jury will judge the best project in each of the two categories: F&V INDUSTRY AWARD and FRESH PRODUCE AWARD, with a prize of €6,000 each

Fruit Attraction 2018 announces the ACCELERA Awards for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which have become a key event in support of the sector's commitmentto entrepreneurship. As part of Fruit Attraction's CSR dimension, the awards will go to the exhibiting companies that present the best product or service project for the fruit and vegetable industry based on criteria relating to innovation, sustainability, applied technology and knowledge.

In order to be eligible to apply, the company must be an exhibitor or co-exhibitor at Fruit Attraction 2018, and the innovative product must have been on the market since 1 September 2017.

All entrants registered and accepted will exhibit their products in the INNOVATION HUB areathroughout the three days of the Fair (exhibition of innovative products located in the walkway between halls 6 and 8). To win the prize money, they must alsodefend their entry before the ACCELERA AWARDS jury on Thursday, 25 Octoberbetween 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. After hearing from the candidates, the jury will decide on the winner andthe award ceremony will be held at 1:30 the same place in the presence of the media and the public.
Exhibitors have until 28 September to register for the ACCELERA AWARDS.

Innovative products, technological solutions or services for the fruit and vegetable industry, from any exhibitor or co-exhibitor already operational and committed to the design, development and production of new products and/or innovative manufacturing processes, through the systematic application of technical and scientific knowledge.

• FRESH PRODUCE AWARD: a prize of €6,000
Presentation of innovative products in:
Fresh fruits
Fresh vegetables
Aromatic herbs and spices
Fourth and fifth range products
The Nuts Hub
The Organic Hub
Processed products (frozen, tinned, concentrates, dried products, etc.)
• F&V INDUSTRY AWARD: a prize of €6,000
Presentation of innovative products in:
Supplies: Fertilisers, agronutrients, phytosanitary products, etc.
Nurseries and pre-harvest
Transport and logistics
Packaging and labelling
Smart Agro
Point of sale

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