Pacific Green Asparagus – a new horizon in green varieties for warmer climates

22 October 2018

Pacific Green is a new green asparagus variety adapted to both warm and more temperate climates. Seed sales are managed by Global Plant Genetics and the hybrid was bred by Dr. Peter Falloon of Aspara Pacific in New Zealand.

Commercial trials of the variety in the recent past have yielded some excellent results and the variety will soon be launched on a global scale.

Jamie Petchell of Global Plant Genetics stated, “We have been closely observing test plots of Pacific Green across the world in the past three seasons. We are excited that the variety is performing at a similar level in the majority of these locations. It combines high yields with industry-leading tip quality. Growers and marketers of asparagus are more and more concerned by both high labour costs and even a shortage of harvest workers. It is therefore essential that asparagus producers grow hybrids that offer the highest marketable yields in order to minimise waste throughout the production chain. Pacific Green fully delivers in this aspect.”

As well as displaying optimal yield and quality aspects, there are other key essentials that asparagus varieties must have to thrive these days. Dr. Peter Falloon commented, “We produce our asparagus seed in optimal conditions, isolated from commercial production locations. Mother plants are established under protection and the resultant seed is free from the main viruses that affect asparagus seed. As a result, our varieties are less susceptible to common asparagus diseases, prolonging their actual field life, a key point for asparagus farmers across the globe.”

Global Plant Genetics is already fielding significant interest from growers that are currently testing the variety and the actual release date will be in spring 2019.

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