The biggest Fruit and Vegetables Industry Fair in Poland

20 December 2018

At the closest TSW Fair Edition we are expecting extreme number of exhibitors. Over 350 national and foreign companies from  Luxemburg , north Corea, Camerun, Hollande, Italy, Belgium , Dutch, France, Austria, Germany, USA, Turkey or GB are arriving.
TSW are the biggest Fruit and Vegetables Industry Fair in Poland. The spectacularity of Previous Edition was confirmed by high frequence - over 15 500 guests and the national character of event.

TSW are well known not only for their exhibitions, where the most important companies from country and abroad presents their offer, but also from high-standarded conferences, where the most important topics are concerned. This year over 60 lectures will be held, performed by polish and foreign specialists and scientists.
We are pleased to invite you to official opening, which is planned for 9th January at 10:00 at Main Stage, during which prestige awards of prof. Szczepan Pieniazek will be given. The award is granted to innovative products destined for gardening production. Next, the conferences 6th Strawberry Conference, the 5th Fruit Growers Economical Forum, and a novelty entitled "Ecology in horticulture - is it profitable?" will be held.
On Thursday, 10th of January, we would like to invite you to a conference on orchards, a conference on field vegetables, a conference on crops under cover and a conference entitled "Perspective species in horticulture". 
9th of January, Wednesday

V Fruit Growers Economical Forum
Main topics of 5th edition SFE are: apple overproduction in Poland, current situation at world’s vegetables and fruits market, modern orchard production. You are invited to hear expert’s lectures and take part in a debate.

VI Strawberry Conference
Among many interesting topics discussed, you will be able to hear of: proper ways of permanent improvement  of soil quality, strawberries protection, recommendaations for strawberries which reiterate their fructification and requirements for dutch types. All conference’s participants will have an occasion for hearing the good beginning of strawberry cropping under cover lecture.

Ecology in Horticulture – is it profitable?
The conference is divided to 3 parts: market and economics, agrotechnics, selling and marketing. Lectures will cover the topics such as: Ecological farm development in Europe, how to begin the eco-friendly production, orchard-vegetable cropping protection, and also selling and marketing bio fruits and vegetables. At the end of each part of conference we encourage you to participate in debate panel.

10th January, Thursday
The Fruit Conference
The leading subjects will be: apple protection program, pest control, problems related with leaf blotch, tree architecture, orchard farm service and harvesting robot for apples and other fruits. Jose de Wit from Fruitconsult (The Netherlands) will discuss the subject of cutting apple and pear trees,Rene Albers will talk about the latest solutions in the cultivation of cherries (Holland), and in turn Dr. Artur Miszczak from the Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice will discuss the results of recent inspections regarding to residues of plant protection products in apples and other fruits. Kober from Israel during teleconference will present an innovative robot for harvesting apples and more.

The Conference about Crops Under Cover
During the conference, invited experts will present issues related to growing peppers, current hazards from pests in plastic tunnels, the role of oxygen in the cultivation of plants and its deficiency in the root zone. Lecture on viral diseases of basic species of vegetables in tunnel cultures will be given by dr hab. Natasza Borodynko-Filas, prof. from the Department of Diseases Plants in Poznań, and selected elements of soilless cultivation in the cultivation of pepper will be presented by dr hab.Czesław Ślusarski.

The Conference about Field Vegetables
This conference will have an extremely sectional character. We will deal with diseases on plantations that Piotr Borczyński from the Kuyavian-Pomeranian consultancy center will speak about agricultural farm in Minikowo. We will try to control the weeds by a new products which way of using will be presented by Radosław Suchorzewski from Bayer. In turn, Krzysztof Zachaj from Agrosimex will take on the topic of soil fertilization, while Stanisław Jamrozik from Bioconect Gardenia will present unconventional ways to increase plant health based on the experience of environmentalists. We will put a lot of attention to the issues of proper fertilization and the search for appropriate varieties adapted to the changing climatic conditions that will be discussed by Władysław Tokarczyk from Syngenta Polska.

New Species in Horticulture
The subject of the conference will be: fruits less known in human nutrition, quince as new crop species, optimizing the cultivation of eatable dogwood, and what is worth knowing about berries Kamchatsky (edible honeysuckle). There will also be topics related to the challenges related to cultivation and marketing of Mini Kiwi fruit presented by dr hab. Piotr Latocha, prof.of  Warsaw Agricultural University. In turn, dr hab. Anna Bieniek from the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn will conduct a lecture on perspectives for the dwarf serviceberry, and dr. hab. Stanisław Pluta will talk about a quince.

Entrance to the Fair is free, after registration. You may registrate earlier via TSW website to  omit lines in the front of reception desks.

We cordially invite you to visit TSW 2019!

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