Croatia is the partner country of the Green Week 2020

18 February 2019
Croatia is the partner country of the International Green Week Berlin (IGW) 2020. A corresponding agreement was signed by Tomislav Tolušić, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Croatia, and Dr. Christian Göke, Chief Executive Officer of Messe Berlin GmbH. The EU’s newest member has been a regular exhibitor at the world's largest consumer exhibition for agriculture, the food industry and horticulture since 1993. Croatia’s participation is important with regard to agricultural policymaking, as it is due to take over the presidency of the EU Council in the first half of 2020. The Green Week 2020 will take place on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds (Berlin ExpoCenter City) from 17 to 26 January 2020.
Tomislav Tolušić, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Croatia: “For the Republic of Croatia the upcoming EU Presidency represents a great challenge, not least because it is less than 10 years since the country acceded to the Union. At the same time, it is a major opportunity for the country to improve its overall functionality and further its recognition both in the EU and on a global scale. In terms of general promotion of a country, it is difficult to imagine a more effective event than the presidency of the Council of the EU. Similarly, the partnership with the Green Week and the benefit it can bring to our country's agricultural sector is without equal in the EU. For Croatia, it is a fortunate and profitable circumstance that we can combine the two.
In addition, Germany and Croatia enjoy a long-standing and successful partnership in all spheres of life, as well as very strong economic ties. We do however believe that we can further improve the recognition and representation of Croatian agricultural products on the German and European markets. Thus, the partnership with the International Green Week 2020 will fulfil a whole range of goals for Croatia and its Ministry of Agriculture.
Dr. Christian Göke, Chief Executive Officer of Messe Berlin GmbH: “With Croatia as the Green Week’s partner, both trade visitors and thousands of consumers will be focusing on the EU’s newest member. This will create maximum visibility for the country, not least because of widespread media coverage. No other event offers a partner country such an efficient marketing platform for its regional specialities and food products. The Green Week is a place to test product and marketing strategies as well as for trade and contacts. This will have a lasting impact on Croatia’s agricultural sector.”
Germany is one of Croatia’s most important trading partners. According to figures released by the Croatian Statistics Office (DZS), in 2017 Croatia exported goods worth 1.725 billion euros to Germany. At the same time, imports from Germany amounted to 3.362 billion euros. Exports of agricultural products and foods to Germany were worth 161 million euros, while imports from Germany amounted to 429 million euros.

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