Orchards of Russia in facts and figures – registration closes in a week

23 April 2019

The 2nd Annual Investment Forum & Exhibition “Orchards of Russia 2019” (22-23 May 2019, Moscow) is a high-end international platform for attracting investment to Russian commercial horticulture, discussing industry development strategy, sharing best practices among key market players, and securing new win-win contracts.

Registration request https://www.gardensforum.ru/en/registration/ 

Orchards of Russia 2019 in facts and figures:
Plenary meeting and discussion: national support policy, legislative framework, project financial conditions, featuring senior executives of federal and regional government, regulators, investors, and project initiators; 
Personal involvement of Olga Lesnykh, Acting Chairman of Variety Testing Committee (Gossortkomissia);
500+ confirmed participants, industry players, representatives of agri-holdings and agri-unions, cooperatives, Russian and international investors: Agronom-Sad, STEP Agroholding, APH Eco-culture, AFG National, Yug Zemli, Glazunovskie Sady, Grigorievskie Sady, Volga Group, Legenda Krima, UK Irrico, R-Agro, Rudo-ND, AgroGroupSolnechny, Rodina (Grozny), Sady Stavropolia, Malinovy Don, Sad-Gigant Ingushetia, Batyrevsky Fruit Nursery, Korochansky Fruit Nursery, Alma Valley, Novy Krim, Bakhchisaray Dolina, Sady Staroy Russy, Sady Elbrusa, Sasy Sury, SPH Abramovskoye, SPK Arkhangelskaya Klyukva, SPK De-Gusto, Tambovskie Sady, Chihachi, Yagody Chernozemia, X5 Retail Group, VkusVill, Tander, Lenta, National Fruit Company, and a lot more
50+ speakers, panellists, and VIP-guests: Inna Rykova, Head of Sectorial Economy Centre, Financial Research Institute of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation; Zamir Balkizov, General Director, Sad-Gigant Ingushetia; Leonid Retinsky, President, Rudo-ND; Aidyn Shirinov, Chairman of the Board, Sady Stavropolia;  Sergey Lebedev, General Director,  Alma Valley; Olga Penkina, General Director, Invest-Alko; Olga Segal, Manager of Fruit and Berry Plantations, Grigorievskie Sady; Elena Kardapolova, Production Director, Sinco Group; Roman Bulenov, General Director, Novy Krim, and a lot more;
Presentation of flagship investment projects in the field of fruit and grape growing: establishment of new orchards and modernisation of existing ones to be developed within 2020-2025;
Specialised round tables and technical discussions: fruit orchards, vineyards, berry plantations. Learn from your peers what practice to adopt and what mistakes to avoid
Apple from Russia Focus Day: apple orchard treatment – nutrition and fertility improvement, innovative strategies of fruit protection while storage
Planting stock and Fruit Nursery Development – what is to be done to address the challenge in the shortest time possible? 
Showcase of innovative technology from the lead companies: FitomagInter, SumiAgro, Teco, Plattenhardt + Wirth GmbH, Advice&Consulting, Kronen, Zelenye Linii – Kaluga, Ludvig Svensson, Infrost-Project, Helios Group, VinProf, Carolus Trees, Vivai Nischler, AGROselection GmbH, Fruit Control Equipments, Jcoplastic S.p.A. and others.

To register, please contact or follow the link: https://www.gardensforum.ru/en/registration/

Gold sponsor: Fitomag, Silver sponsor: Sumiagro, Bronze sponsors: Advice&Consulting SRL, Unitec, Irrikom, Plattenhardt + Wirth, Helios Group, Sponsor of Session: Stoller

Organised by: Vostock Capital
Contact person: Project Producer Olga Zhogal
E-mail: OZhogal@vostockcapital.com Tel:  +44 207 394 3 090 (London)
Official website: https://www.gardensforum.ru/en

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