ILIP takes the future of packing to MACFRUT with a workshop on packaging on 9th May

6 May 2019

A seminar to launch Smart Ripe, the unprecedented solution to interact with consumers at the point of sale. A host of innovative offerings, including Soft Fruit Protector, the softened solution for more delicate produce

From 8th until 10th May, ILIP is taking the future of fresh produce packaging to Macfrut: packaging designed to allow interaction with consumers, that protects delicate produce from knocks or that slows down the ripening process of fruit and vegetables, prolonging their shelf life. To demonstrate the usefulness and sustainability of heat-sealed plastic packaging both for reducing food waste and also the raw material - when made with rPET with recycled material content of up to 100%.
The main innovative concept ILIP is presenting is Smart Ripe, the patented smart packaging launching an entirely unprecedented innovation into the display of fruit and vegetables and communication at the point of sale. Details of this solution will be illustrated during the workshop entitled “Smart packaging for handling fresh produce at the point of sale and interaction with consumers”, scheduled to take place on Thursday 9th May at 3 pm in the Conference Room of Hall B4 at Rimini Expo Centre.
During the workshop, Professor Guido Cristini along with Professor Silvia Bellini from the Department of Economic and Business Sciences at the University of Parma will present the initial results of their research on packaging as a communication and innovation tool in displaying fresh produce in modern formats.
Smart Ripe will also be a candidate for the Macfrut Innovation Awards alongside another new product developed by the brand this year: Soft Fruit Protector, packaging dedicated to more delicate produce, such as persimmons or ready to eat fruit, fitted with a mechanical system capable of softening impact or stress incurred by the fruit inside, keeping it intact. A patented solution that protects fruit during transportation and handling, reducing waste and aiding supply chain sustainability.
Smart Ripe and Soft Fruit Protector are the result of ongoing research and development, aimed at providing solutions that play an active role in protecting and enhancing products. This is the same process underpinning the development of Life+, packaging which - thanks to an active pad, a special punnet design and specific laser-perforated film - slows down the fruit ripening process. Between 8th and 10th May, discover all ILIP’s fresh produce packaging, ready to use and ready to eat solutions in Hall B3 – Booth 171 at Rimini Expo Centre.

Luca Speroni
ILIP Press Office c/o fruitecom

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