Czy Twoje sadzonki pomidorów są zestresowane? Zrelaksuj je z Bluestim®

30 czerwiec 2021

Summer months can sometimes be stressful for tomato crops making it extremely important to optimise the water and nutrient balance. Improving photosynthesis and helping to strengthen cell walls, our osmoregulatorBluestim® is here to help. All growers know that blossom end rot and fruit cracking are caused by extreme conditions and lead to reduced quality and yield. Highly variable abiotic influences - such as drought, temperature changes, salt and water stress – have a negative impact on plant cell structures. Bluestim® protects plants and fruits - helping them survive and thrive in these periods.

A soluble powder for foliar application, Bluestim® is based on >96% pure glycine betaine. After spraying, this natural osmoregulator penetrates the plant surface and is distributed throughout within 24 hours. Stored in plant cells, the glycine betaine improves water and nutrient balance (including calcium) and prevents excessive water absorption or leakage. As a result, the plant cell walls experience less stress enabling physiological processes - such as photosynthesis - to continue. The results are a more resilient crop, higher fruit weight and longer shelf life. 
Biobest advisors recommend applying Bluestim® at a rate of 2 kg/ha. To maintain continuous protection, it is important to repeat the treatment every three weeks.

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