Wsparcie Altopack dla rynków wschodzących: Merec i Mozambico

16 marzec 2023
Three packaging plants, one of which installed during the pandemic: this is what Altopack, leader in developing packaging solutions, has done for Merec located in Mozambico specialized in production and trade of pasta and bakery products. It has been a virtuos case of collaboration that testifies to the commitment of Altopack not only for top brands, but also in the emerging markets.

It's a relatively recent partnership, but already successful the one between Altopack and Merec. The installation of the first packaging production line has been done in 2012, year in the which the african company commissioned to Altopack three packaging machines "AOD PL" for packing long goods pasta equipped with loading system. AOD is a packaging machine for flow-pack that can achieve - depending on the configuration - 130 bags per minute and it is characterized by a high level of automation and high flexibility. This machine is specifically dedicated for packaging long goods pasta: spaghetti, fettuccine and tagliatelle. These features made it the ideal choice for Merec that in 2012 has given a quick response to the need of increase of pasta production and packaging.

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