Schedule meetings with CEOs of 40+ investment projects at Orchards of Russia Forum 2021

26 April 2021
Over 300 delegates have confirmed their participation at the 4th International Investment Forum Orchards of Russia and CIS: Investments, Technologies, Innovations (2-3 June 2021, Moscow), where over 40 projects on modernisation and construction of fruit storage facilities, food processing, and establishment of orchards will be showcased.

Showcase your technology and equipment to CEOs of these and other projects: 

Belgorodskie Yabloki – one of the largest fruit growing projects in the Central Russia – establishment of intensive orchards. About 1,000 ha of land were allocated for project development. The company plans to start some 100 ha within Phase 1 of the project, including 87 ha of apple trees and 13 ha of sweet cherry trees; Phase 2 implies establishment of another 100 ha of orchards. Besides, it is planned to build a fruit storehouse with a capacity of 23,000 tonnes with sorting lines. Investment: 3bn RUB. 
Grigorievskie Sady – a unique project in the Urals for establishment of intensive fruit and berry plantations on the area of 120 ha. As agreed by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Chelyabinsk region, orchard area expansion is planned to 750 ha. The project implies construction of a fruit storage facilities, fruit processing factory. Project completion is scheduled for 2030.  

Sady Adegei – the company is engaged in commercial growing of blueberries, blackberries, hazelnuts, sweet cherries. Overall area of plantations is 98 ha. In 2021, the hazelnut plantation will be expanded to 250 ha. Plans include construction of a mini-factory for processing; there are plans on construction of a storage facility and chilling chambers.

TK Zeleny Dom – the company owns a super-intensive apple orchard on the area of 50 ha, and an intensive orchard on the area of 100 ha; perennial berry plantations – about 30 ha. It is planned to build a fruit storage facility with ULO with construction to be completed before 2021-2023.

Gorodnyanskie Sady – the project is aimed at establishment of an agro-industrial complex: establishment of a commercial apple orchard of intensive type, and a fruit processing factory (production of juice and jams). Investment: 0,35bn RUB.  

EuroApple – the company is engaged in growing apples on the area of 75 ha, and cherries on the area of 25 ha. There is a sorting line and own chilling chambers. It is planned to build storage facilities, purchase equipment, expand production capacities.

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Please note that these and other projects will be presented at the Forum Orchards of Russia and CIS 2021: Investments, Technologies and Innovations.

The 4th Annual International Investment Forum & Exhibition Orchards of Russia & CIS(2-3June 2021, Moscow) is a professional international platform uniting key fruit-growing companies of Russia and the CIS to discuss development strategies and elaborate anti-crisis solutions in the industry of commercial fruit-growing, to conclude new and lucrative contracts, to share experiences between key market players, and to unlock investment in the industry.

We know that a lot of companies want to join the event but cannot benefit from participation due to closed boarders or other restrictions. Forum`s format allows to join live streaming of the Forum, conduct pre-agreed online B2B meetings, showcase technologies, share best practices and interact with audience by video conferencing.

Gold sponsor: VIVAI F.LLI ZANZI in partnership with Bizon Trade; Silver sponsors: FitomagInter, Super Agro; Bronze sponsors: PLAWI-Service, A.L.B. Consulting, Advice&Consulting, Unitec, Agrisovgaz, PIETRO CHINAGLIA VIVAI S.S. SOCIETA’ AGRICOLA; Session sponsor: Stoller.

Organising Committee: Vostock Capital
Tel.: +44 207 394 3090 (London)

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