Agrofresh launches SmartCitrus

13 May 2021
AgroFresh Solutions, Inc., a global leader in produce freshness solutions, today announced the global launch of SmartCitrus™, a new quality platform directed to the citrus industry to maintain freshness and reduce food loss and waste. The platform integrates a comprehensive range of post-harvest solutions into an all-encompassing treatment for citrus products, all under one easy-to-use AgroFresh umbrella.

With SmartCitrus, AgroFresh can positively impact virtually all aspects of the packinghouse operation from the time citrus crops arrive at the facility to when they are packed and shipped for consumer enjoyment. The platform is powered by the versatile equipment portfolio of Control -Tec™ post-harvest technologies for end-to-end use on packinglines, degreening and in storage rooms, including enhanced treatment water management and savings. Control-Tec equipment is integrated into the FreshCloud™ digital platform to enhance decision-making with rapid, easy data access for operations teams. SmartCitrus intelligently deploys a wide range of solutions, including broad-spectrum liquid fungicides such as ActiSeal™, Scholar® and Tecto® 500 SC; FreshStart™ disinfectants, and the company’s recently launched VitaFresh™ Botanicals plant-based edible coatings.  

SmartCitrus is an AgroFresh branded platform, including the extensive portfolio of Tecnidex that AgroFresh acquired in 2017. All Tecnidex solutions and operations will now be unified under the AgroFresh corporate name. AgroFresh offers a true global footprint and the ability to leverage knowledge and insights across regions to benefit citrus operators globally to preserve freshness and reduce food loss and waste throughout the supply chain.  AgroFresh’s solutions have exceptional quality, thanks in part to the company’s ISO 9001 “quality management system” certification.  

“Since Tecnidex became part of the AgroFresh family, we combined forces, created synergies and connected innovation efforts - because in agriculture and supply chain management, solutions, experience, service and integration matter,” said Clint Lewis, CEO of AgroFresh. “SmartCitrus represents AgroFresh’s ability to deliver all four in a way that is seamless for our customers. While we honor the indelible legacy of the Tecnidex brand and founder Manuel Garcia-Portillo, we are building on those achievements by strengthening our customer-focused capabilities and bringing new products and technologies into the market.”  

“The launch of SmartCitrus and the unification of our products under the AgroFresh corporate umbrella is an important and critical next step for AgroFresh,” said Julian Herraiz, General Manager – Spain for AgroFresh. “The AgroFresh brand name and entire organization are synonymous with quality produce solutions, and unifying under one consolidated brand banner will simplify how we work with our customers and help us all build a bigger and more successful organization. Combining our heritage in the citrus industry with proven near- and post-harvest technologies such as Harvista™1.3 SC and the SmartFresh™ Quality System, along with the FreshCloud™ digital technology platform, enables us to provide greater benefits for the industry.”

AgroFresh citrus solutions are created using certified ISO 14001 environmental management system standards. By preserving citrus freshness, AgroFresh aims to enable growers, packers and retailers to make the citrus supply chain more sustainable by helping to reduce food loss and waste, a critical mission of the company. Overall, AgroFresh solutions and technologies reduce an estimated 10,000 metric tons of food loss/waste per day.

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