Green Week 2017 - nature.tec

12 November 2016
For anyone who wants to find out more about the biobased economy the International Green Week Berlin 2017 is just the place to be: wooden food storage containers, bio-diesel made with rapeseed oil, shampoo bottles from wheat, heating with maize, car parts from the castor oil plant, insulation using hemp, hydraulic oil from sunflower oil – all these products are part of the biobased economy. In this modern area of the economy products and energy are no longer produced using finite materials such as mineral oil, instead mainly from renewable raw materials. From 20 to 29 January visitors to the Green Week can view these products close up at the special nature.tec display of the biobased economy in Hall 4.2.
Renewable raw materials come from the woods and fields and, as the name says, they also grow again. Farmers and foresters manage their production. The companies, associations and institutions exhibiting at the fair will show how the biobased economy can function, and research institutions will highlight what it can offer us in the future. Visitors will be able to view and touch the many informative exhibits and can expect interesting activities and fascinating background information on this important subject.

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SHAFFE has founded an ad-hoc taskforce on sustainability to identify common challenges

22 June 2021
Sustainability has become a recurring theme in the general business and public domain and is already having a significant impact on southern hemisphere produce industry exporters and growers, in terms of measuring and complying to sustainable practices. In this context, the SHAFFE sustainability taskforce has the primary objective of identifying common challenges and outlining specific recommendations on the issue for members and industry related private and public stakeholders. »

Marlene® Roadshow: art takes to the streets

16 June 2021
The finalist works of the art contest organised for Marlene®’s 25th anniversary have been featured in art exhibitions in squares and shopping centres in Italy and abroad. The initiatives organised to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Marlene® apples are continuing with the finalists of the digital contest launched last autumn. From April to June, a number of squares and shopping centre galleries have been transformed into art exhibitions in Italy, Spain and Norway. »

CIBUS in September: first European food exhibition

15 June 2021
Cibus 2021, to be held in Parma from August 31 to September 3, is the first major Italian international B2B exhibition to reopen in-person. Cibus represents the restart of the Italian food and beverage sector and its exports. During the long lockdown period, the made-in-Italy agri-food sector not only met domestic demand, but increased its export shares. Demand from abroad increased for both typical products of the Mediterranean diet and high-quality premium products »