AgriVoltaics 2020

7 sierpień 2020
Pierwsza międzynarodowa konferencja Agrivoltaics odbędzie się w dniach 14-16 października 2020 w Perpignan we Francji. Agrivoltaics łączy rolnicze użytkowanie ziemi z produkcją energii elektrycznej przez fotowoltaikę. Dostarcza rozwiązania do produkcji roślin spożywczych i jednocześnie wytwarzania energii elektrycznej z uwzględnieniem ochrony gleby i oszczędności wody. »

Macfrut Digital is sold out

6 sierpień 2020
A total of 500 exhibition units has been reached, against 200 initially planned. A huge number of participants from China have chosen Macfrut to promote their fruit and vegetables in Europe. Macfrut Digital, 8-10 September 2020, is sold out and has added a new virtual pavilion. In addition to the nine pavilions planned during the launch phase, there is now a tenth pavilion dedicated to international exhibitors, the “Country Pavilion”. »

Interpoma 2020 is changing format and going digital

5 sierpień 2020
Interpoma 2020, the international fair dedicated to the world of apples planned for the coming November in Bolzano will be presented in a new hybrid format, which will see events both in digital format and in physical presence. "Interpoma Connects 2020: Digital Days for the Apple Economy", which is the name of the appointment, will take place 19 and 20 November, while the traditional physical exhibition will be moved to 2021. »


4 sierpień 2020
Fiere di Parma and the portal “GDO News” have signed a partnership agreement to strengthen the digital platform “MyBusinessCibus”. The GDONews manuals on the different product categories of Made in Italy food will be translated into English and sent to all the top international buyers. In addition, buyers will be able to access exclusive material in the »

Virtual Meet when physical participation remains challenging

3 sierpień 2020
Recent events and travel guidelines have changed the way companies conduct business and necessitated the accelerated adoption of online communication. The newly minted Virtual Meet is an important tool to help buyers leverage on opportunities and allow them to source and connect with trusted brands and suppliers, without having to be physically present at the event. »

Ecuador Targets UK & Europe for Goldenberry/Physalis Expansion

30 lipiec 2020
The super fruit has the right attributes to win over more consumers in the berry category, whether fresh or dried. The Trade Office of Ecuador in the United Kingdom, PRO ECUADOR, announces its objective to increase exports of Ecuadorian goldenberries (physalis) to the UK and Europe by positioning the healthy fruit as a type of berry with unique flavour, incredible nutrition and convenient versatility. »

Targi SIAL Paris w 2022 roku

23 lipiec 2020
Grupa Comexposium, organizator targów SIAL (Międzynarodowych Targów Spożywczych) informuje, że tegoroczna edycja salonu nie odbędzie się. Zapraszamy na targi SIAL Paris od 15 do 19 października 2022 roku. Nicolas Trentesaux, dyrektor generalny SIAL Global Network wyjaśnia, że „Targi SIAL Paris pragną pozostać wierne swojej misji utrzymywania kontaktu, wspierania rozwoju i transformacji przedstawicieli sektora spożywczego z całego świata”. »

Air Europa recovers its European flights and strengthens its national routes

22 lipiec 2020
Air Europa has taken an important new step in its return to normality by restarting its European routes, from yesterday, with flights to fifteen destinations, and part of its Iberian routes, covering move than twenty Spanish cities. The company is adding these operations to the routes started at the end of last month from the peninsula to the Balearic and Canary Islands, and to the trans-oceanic flights. »

Air Europa, ready for take off

21 lipiec 2020
At Air Europa we are more committed than ever to the safety of our passengers and employees. The coronavirus pandemic has created a situation of uncertainty, but we are starting to prepare for the loosening of the lockdown phase. The air division of the Globalia tourism group has reinforced the strict safety measures that it was already applying by adopting new ones and working tirelessly to ensure that passengers can have complete trust and confidence when we are able to fly once again. »