Interpoma Congress: Gerhard Dichgans is the new coordinatorof the international congress dedicated to the apple

20 luty 2020
The 2020 edition of the world's most important congress of the apple industry, organized by Fiera Bolzano during Interpoma, is going to witness major innovations, starting with its name and that of the coordinator. Renamed Interpoma Congress, it will be coordinated by Gerhard Dichgans, who was at the helm of South Tyrol’s VOG Consortium for many years until last summer. »

International Strawberry Symposium 2020: the programme for the IX edition

19 luty 2020
Over 300 scientific presentations (148 oral papers and 172 posters), a thousand or so industry professionals expected from all over the world and a major novelty during the central day of Macfrut 2020, when the topic of nursery certification will be discussed for the first time. All this and much more awaits sector players and enthusiasts at ISS 2020 (the International Strawberry Symposium), to be held in Rimini from 2 to 6 May this year. »

International fruit and agricultural fair on Lake Constance nurtures in-depth dialog among professionals

19 luty 2020
By and for experts, with a wide range of products and services on offer, and differentiated in its communication: In its ninth edition, Fruchtwelt Bodensee provided fresh impetus for fruit growers, farmers, and distillers. With unparalleled quality from the 384 exhibitors coming from 13 countries, the international trade fair attracted some 16,100 visitors (15,900 in 2018) to the exhibition center in Friedrichshafen. »

Shaping a sustainable production and trading environment will be at the heart of SHAFFE’s work for the upcoming years

17 luty 2020
SHAFFE - The Southern Hemisphere Association of Fresh Fruit Exporters has held its Annual General Meeting on the 6th of February 2020 in the margins of Fruit Logistica in Berlin. Among the key elements of discussion have been the increased attention to sustainability matters and climatic challenges as well as the debate about the potential impact of the EU Initiative „European Green Deal“ on international fruit trade. »

World Apple and Pear Association (WAPA) presents annual Southern Hemisphere production forecast

12 luty 2020
The World Apple and Pear Association (WAPA) held its Annual General Meeting on the last day of the Fruit Logistica fair in Berlin. Representatives of the key global apple and pear producing and exporting countries met to discuss the Southern Hemisphere production forecast, the final update of the Northern Hemisphere production forecast that was released in August 2019, and the season developments. »

Ewolucja i trendy w branży spożywczej

12 luty 2020
W ciągu ostatnich 20 lat polski sektor spożywczy przeszedł znaczące przeobrażenia, a dzięki stałemu rozwojowi technicznemu, technologicznemu i organizacyjnemu, Polska jest ósmym eksporterem żywności spośród państw UE, a ponadto oferuje duży potencjał dla produkcji żywności ekologicznej. W 2019 r. wpływy z eksportu znacząco się zwiększyły o blisko 7 proc. do prawie 32 mld euro, wobec 29,7 mld euro w 2018r. »

Podatek cukrowy: Dlaczego rząd promuje słodycze i piwa smakowe?

11 luty 2020
Podatek cukrowy jest szkodliwy dla krajowej gospodarki, polskich sadowników i rolników. Nałożenie opłaty wyłącznie na napoje promuje pośrednio słodycze i piwa smakowe kosztem branży napojowej. Konstrukcja opłaty, jaka znalazła się w rządowym projekcie uderza w branżę nektarów i napojów owocowych »

The No.1 Specialist Platform for Functional Food Industry Professionals

11 luty 2020
Upcoming Functional Food Industry Summit to Highlight Fast-developing Opportunities in Asia. With its youthful population and large financial resources, Asia will be critical to any new balance on the global economic and political stage. Over the coming years, Asia will play an even more influential role in world finances as its economic engine switches gear from production to consumption. »

YELLO® arrives to Australia

7 luty 2020
After Japan and Europe, the Shinano Gold variety enters new territory following an agreement between Montague Australia and the VOG and VIP consortia at Fruit Logistica. Further testings scheduled also in the US and South Africa. yello®, the innovative Club apple produced in South Tyrol – Südtirol by the VOG and VIP consortia, exclusive European growers, has announced a broad expansion programme at Fruit Logistica. »