9 April 2020
The global situation surrounding the Covid-19 virus has continued to evolve, and dmg events have been closely monitoring the situation. We have also been in close contact with our exhibitors, partners and key participants. With the necessary restrictions which the South African Government has rightly introduced to protect public safety, and internal travel bans within companies, a large majority of participants now find themselves unable to travel. With this in mind, and in the interests of our global exhibitors and key buyers from the region, Africa’s Big 7 will be postponed and rescheduled to 20 – 22 June 2021. »


9 April 2020
The VOG Consortium farmers in South Tyrol - Südtirol use candles and anti-frost systems to protect the harvest on freezing spring nights. A dazzling concentration of lights that illuminate the fields. This is the romantic sight, often immortalised on websites and the social media, that you could have observed on the last few nights in South Tyrol - Südtirol. In the apple orchards neatly arranged on the slopes and hills of this region, the fruit growers of the VOG Consortium employ anti-frost systems to warm up the flowering plants and protect them from the freezing temperatures of these spring nights. »

Flavia strawberry in Campania region

8 April 2020
Another confirmation of the Flavia* strawberry's potential in the Battipaglia area (Salerno - Campania). Jacopo Diamanti from Salvi Nurseries: ”This variety is a benchmark for future seasons. The fruits fall into the medium-high segment of the market ". CIV continues its journey in the Italian strawberry cultivation areas of excellence, in order to hear firsthand the producers' opinion on the Flavia* cultivar: characterized by early growth, medium vigor and easy to harvest fruits external to the foliage, high resistance to powdery mildew and leaf and root diseases »

5th Nutraceutical and Functional Food Asia Pacific Summit

6 April 2020
Upcoming Functional Food Industry Summit to Highlight Fast-developing Opportunities in Asia- The No.1 Specialist Platform for Functional Food Industry Professionals. With its youthful population and large financial resources, Asia will be critical to any new balance on the global economic and political stage. Over the coming years, Asia will play an even more influential role in world finances as its economic engine switches gear from production to consumption. »

Rescheduled Orchards of Russia and the CIS Forum 2020

1 April 2020
In the light of the situation regarding unfavourable epidemiological situation we have decided to reschedule the 3rd International Forum and Exhibition “Orchards of Russia and the CIS: Investments, Technologies, and Innovations” from May to 28-29 October 2020, Moscow. We are sure that the event will contribute to solving a variety of challenges facing the fruit- berry-, and grape-growing industry in these new economic realities, and will become one of the key events of your business schedule 2020. »

FLAVIA * strawberry variety: the testimony of two producers in the policoro area

26 March 2020
Salvatore Santorsola: “Vigorous, rustic, tolerant to plant disease. Bright-colored fruits. It deserves to be known". Agostino Oliveto: “Excellent productivity. The fruit quality remains high even at high temperatures. It shows a very promising commercial potential! Many companies are testing with great interest the varieties patented by CIV, in particular the cultivar named “Flavia”. »

Smart packaging enhances food safety and security

26 March 2020
The European Organization for Packaging and the Environment (EUROPEN) called on the European Commission on 20 March to recognise packaging as an essential component in maintaining the uninterrupted flow of product groups that the Commission has identified as critical such as “health-related and perishable goods, notably foodstuffs.” StePac demonstrates how its modified atmosphere packaging solutions can help alleviate many of the concerns related to food contamination and food security. »

International Strawberry Symposium, new dates announced

20 March 2020
The International Strawberry Symposium’s ninth edition has been postponed until 2021, on 1-5 May. The event will help to bring the scientific community back together after a period of global difficulty. Given the SARS-CoV-2 emergency, the ninth edition of the International Strawberry Symposium, initially planned for May 2020, will take place in Rimini on 1-5 May 2021. »

SARSCoV2 – VOG tackles the situation

20 March 2020
In spite of the many difficulties, the Consortium's production and sales activities are continuing, with the health of staff and consumers as top priority. The VOG Consortium immediately rose to the challenge of the public health emergency in Italy with intelligence and integrity, without underestimating the relative threats. As well as adopting all the measures recommended by the Government, it has taken additional actions to combat infection, to protect the health of employees, producers and the community at large. »